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The Importance of Everyone

The Importance of Everyone
September 20
20:55 2021


I have noticed a new trend on social media, especially Twitter, regarding what I would call positive information.

It seems that there is a certain section of the public who refuse to acknowledge any information coming from anyone they regard as being part of the globalist establishment.

People of influence, i.e. popular, are regarded as shills or traitors to the cause against the current dictatorship.
The case of Nicki Minaj is a perfect example of the way these people react.

Apparently she or Russell Brand aren’t sincere in their condemnation of the horrendous censorship, because they are popular and have, especially in the case of Nicki Minaj, huge global influence.

What is needed are more people with social media influence and people, especially those in the mainstream media who are teetering on the fence on what is happening, to finally take the plunge and jump onto the side of the public.

There are dullards who are, of course, always right, and don’t seem to understand that the very popularity they view with contempt and suspicion, is getting the anti-censorship message and the rest of the horrors of the shit show across to millions of people, mainly young, who will then tell others what they have heard.

The very censorship which these people tweet about, rightly so, day in a day out, is exactly what they are doing. They don’t want popular people trying to get into their own exclusive little group of like-minded people.

There is a seam of unconscious bigotry which runs through society from bottom to top. But as always, their bigotry is the right kind. Rich is bad and poor is good.

We all imagine that somehow our views, and I include myself, are a much more pure and righteous view, than those we despise.

In recent weeks l have binned a lot of posts I’ve written before hitting send. Mainly because I think they are pompous and sound like my views are more important than others. All views which further the fight against tyranny are important, but not always directed at the right people.

Everyone believes that they are right, but no one is right all the time, and I’m more wrong than right on many occasions. But if I see or hear anything which is positive, I will promote it regardless of where or who it came from.

Good news is thin on the ground in these upside down times in which we’re living, so applause when applause is due. We can’t just say that anyone who is popular must have another agenda.

If their agenda is to show their social media followers that politicians are power-crazed, greedy, scum-sucking parasites who have decided that free speech and civil liberties are banned, then it can only be a good thing.

What exactly do some people want? An even greater crackdown on their way of life? So they can smugly announce that they had already predicted it happening?

We have to be the complete opposite of the government propaganda. We have to welcome everyone who has the guts to say, “Fuck these politicians. We will not be censored by these tinpot dictators!”

Being opposed to people who are concerned about their children’s futures just because they are well known and presumably wealthy, is such a very “little british” attitude.

All people opposed to, and concerned about the way we have all been treated and lied to for the last year and a half, need to be embraced and not shunned because they agree with us.

I’m still trying to get my head around some of the comments which have appeared on various social media sites since Nicki Minaj and Russell Brand have made their views clear on censorship, dictatorship and vaxxism.

Are only poor people allowed to complain about their liberties?

We all have a role to play in the coming weeks and months. The people who have decided that living in this way is acceptable to them, will not change their minds, so they can be discounted, but many people who have been vaxxed and double-vaxxed aren’t exactly happy to have been lied to either.

In this cause, all are welcome, regardless of their social standing.
All poor aren’t good and all wealthy aren’t bad.

This battle isn’t between the people who have been vaxxed and those who haven’t.
This is about opposition to dictatorship and censorship. Good versus evil. The people against soulless politicians and their masters.
This battle will not be lost.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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