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McDonald’s Sued For Stolen Wages & Sleazy Behavior

McDonald’s Sued For Stolen Wages & Sleazy Behavior
March 13
15:46 2014

Little, inconvenient issues like paying poverty levels wages, failure to pay overtime, and forcing employees to work or wait around the store while being off the clock have been chipping away at the golden doors of the $28 billion McDonald’s empire.

One of the plaintiffs in a new lawsuit against McDonald’s for stolen wages, said, ” to curtail labor costs his managers have asked him to punch out but remain in the store to be ready to punch back in as soon as the store gets busy” (Chic Tribune).

Nobody wants to live at McDonald’s. If anything, the company should err on the side of overpaying, rather than shorting on wages.

That bustling, greasy hot kitchen area with the buzzers and the beepers blasting every few seconds. The orders being shouted to one another. The hamburger grill kicking up an unsettling mixture of cooking artificially-flavored meat. The bubbling deep fryer splattering oil and making the air unctuous. The outbreak of acne on the foreheads of weary teenage workers. The lines of customers that just keep piling up. The demands. The threats if an order is not just right. The flustered managers who take their job as a calling from God.

And you’re going to ask that poor bastard to stick around after his shift, off the clock, just in case there’s a rush of customers?

The fast food service industry is a blight on our society. For both the workers and for the people who eat the synthetic food and the ketchup-covered, shit-tinged beef patties, and the foamy half-chicken chicken nuggets.

The people. old or young, who work at McDonald’s should get paid enough to raise a family, own a comfortable apartment or small house, afford decent transportation, and enjoy decent entertainment. They can still be lower middle class, but they should not be indentured servants  who have to wrack up credit card debt just to get along, and rely on taxpayer-funded assistance like food stamps, government-subsidized health care, and housing assistance.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest welfare queens sucking off the American teat today. The company even challenges Warren Buffett’s queen status. They rely on government programs just to help their employees make ends meet. Do you like that your money is helping prop up a billion dollar empire, who reaps the rewards by paying its workers so little they often have to ration food for their children?


Ronald_McDonald_sittingMy new spiritualist whom I have not yet met has a few startling comments on diet. She says the earth is going to separate into two planets, and there will be a new earth in the fifth dimension. This is not a physical shift. Rather, if you want to visualize it, the same old earth you love today will still be here, wars, famines, and earthquakes included. The new earth will be a lighter, less dense vibration that buzzes off from the physical globe. Like a blur. Only those humans and entities who are living in a higher vibratory state will make the leap. That includes, diet and body, mind, and spirit.

Sadly, McDonald’s will not make the transition forward. Don’t write to me about being a snob. I don’t determine these things.

I also cannot vouch for the veracity of these statements. I’m only a reader and a writer. I am not connected to sources of higher information. But if my new spiritualist is correct, you can bet your last grease-stained dollar that if you’re still eating McDonald’s in 2014, despite all the warnings and evidence of ‘pink slime’ and a little shit in the beef, you’re not going to make it.

She would caution everyone to abstain from eating heavy, processed foods. So if you are still mired in McDonald’s transfats and artificial ingredients, perhaps you should switch to a more plant-based, lighter set of foods to get you through the day. Maybe look into that fast food e-cigarette to kick the habit.

Either way, while we’re still stuck in 3d, we should support those who are and wish to sue the hell out of McDonald’s.

[fallen arches photo by iboy daniel; friendless Ronald McDonald by M.Minderhoud]

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  1. Healthy Heroine
    Healthy Heroine March 19, 07:58

    Well Dear Author, your journalistic prowess in exposing the McBeast no doubt contributed to the NY lawsuit settling to the tune of $500K. Keep your aim leans and steady and let’s bring down these franken-food pushers play acting God so they can keep America dirty, fat, and sick.

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