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Tall Trees & Taller Tales: On the trail of the lonesome whine

Tall Trees & Taller Tales: On the trail of the lonesome whine
December 01
11:17 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

Picking up from my last piece, last night (26th) it was the turn of Jeremy Corbyn to be questioned by @afneil  on prime time television (BBC 1).

The term “car crash interview” was made for moments like this.

Corbyn was at his slippery worst, dodging, twisting, waffling and doing anything to avoid answering the questions. Practically turning himself into the shape of a pretzel in his desperation.

He was asked if he would apologise for the antisemitism which is rife in his Labour Party, but despite being asked three times, he still wouldn’t do so.

He just keeps going round in circles saying the same thing. Generalising about being against all kinds of racism and having campaigned his entire life against such things. But apologise, he did not.

His biggest problem is that he is desperately trying not to alienate his core support which consists mainly of a champagne socialist and student Che Guevara lookalikes who wouldn’t have a clue about living with hardship and poverty.

Corbyn has as much chance as my cat has of being Prime Minister, and I don’t have a cat.

Back in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon was launching the SNP election manifesto. The election is almost upon us and here’s wee Nicola’s attempt to put her humiliation from the @afneil interview behind her.

She need not have bothered, as this could be any SNP election manifesto from the last 15 years. 52 pages of whining grievance and lies with the usual independence referendum ultimatums thrown in by way of filling up the pages.

More dull than Derek Mackay, this manifesto must be a contender for the biggest waste of paper since the last one.

Quite possibly the paper itself isn’t of sufficient quality to even be useful in a garage toilet.

The election hysteria is ramping up by the day, but that’s mostly in the media. I can sense people are getting a bit bored with the endless tit for tat blame game.

Today has seen a report saying that neither the Conservative or Labour manifesto spending pledges are properly costed.

What strikes me, is that a report had to be published to tell us that piece of information.

Anyone who has been through a general election could have said that.

All election manifestos are full of promises which we all know are never going to be implemented.

Policies are bandied about like confetti at a virgin’s wedding. Numbers mean nothing. And only the most stupid people believe these pledges.

Trees. Who would have guessed that tree planting would be one of the leading subjects of this afternoon/evening? (28th)

In the afternoon, I responded to a tweet sent by the Dear Leader of Scotland, claiming the SNP had planted or been responsible for the planting of 22 million trees last year.

** That’s about 2,500 per hour , 24 hours per day. 365 days per year. **

I felt this figure was a bit on the high side, plus she didn’t say how many trees were felled during that time.

Within minutes, other parties joined in playing the “any figure you can randomly come up with, we can make up a far higher figure” game.

Eventually we had a figure of 2 billion trees, give or take a few million, to be planted by election day, by the Greens, making them officially the most stupid party of the day.

Any exaggeration here is due to my being appalled once again by political idiocy.

All the manic lying about tree planting was because of an environmental political debate on Channel Four in the evening involve political party leaders.

Now, Channel Four is so left leaning, it has almost fallen off the Labour Party campaign bus, so it was no surprise that the Prime Minister didn’t wish to appear, but put forward Michael Gove to discuss the issues. Channel Four rejected this offer, saying loftily that they only wanted party leaders to appear.

Needless to say, Mother Sturgeon was the first to say yes. But as her tweet about tree planting showed, her grasp of the technical side of the environment, is tenuous to say the least.

As Boris Johnson didn’t appear on the programme and he was replaced by a melting ice statue. Oh the comic genius of the school children who run the channel.

This morning (29th) Boris Johnson is facing questions from the press and media. So far he is doing quite well and answering almost every point.

He managed to avoid answering a question on his personal life (extra marital affair) but that stuff isn’t nearly as important as it used to be in politics.

By yesterday afternoon (29th) the whole complexion of the election campaign had changed, with the terrorist attack in London.

Obviously campaigning was halted in London while the police and government were dealing with the aftermath of the death of the two completely innocent victims.

The reaction of all decent people was horror, and thoughts were with the bereaved and injured. Unfortunately some moron SNP supporters were posting about this being a “false flag” event to distract people from the election.

Seriously, these people should not be allowed near electronic devices or allowed outside without adult supervision.

By tomorrow, I would imagine the political circus will be up and running again.

Thanks to **@ayrshire_boy**

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of Corbyn caricature courtesy of DonkeyHotey; Wikimedia Commons]


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