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Dinner in Paris

Dinner in Paris
September 05
21:29 2021


When one reason for having a vaxxport is, “We may choose to have dinner in Paris at some point”, we know that the government propaganda and brainwashing has been a complete success.

This has gone from a way to control a “deadly virus” to something which gives permission to travel to eat dinner. Which shows that people have forgotten how they used to live less than two years ago.

They are quite happy to be injected with a substance which is only approved for use in an emergency situation.

Well, there is obviously no emergency going on, so they should be a bit puzzled as to why they are still lining up outside vaxx centres. If they are puzzled, they’re hiding it very well.

But of course they don’t have any ability to think independently anymore, they will follow the government carrot of freedom without question. They will ignore all information about people dying after their first or second injection, because the government has told them there is no connection.

Not content with moving the goalposts from “mild disease”, which most people won’t even know they have.

They have now not only moved the goalposts, but they have changed stadiums, to…. “only a dose of the vaxx will set you free” to “a second dose will be needed” to “booster jabs are now essential, because the first two doses will wear off after six months.”

Next apparently will be a pill to be taken thrice daily until they get the desired result, which is probably along the lines of exploding organs and heads turning green.

There is seemingly no limit to the government’s insane plans. People will watch family members spontaneously combust randomly, and still believe that the government is looking after them, and the loss of their families is pure coincidence.

As long as the public allows themselves to be lied to on an industrial scale by the corrupt politicians, the government will continue to enslave them.

Meanwhile the latest expert opinion telling the government that vaxxing children isn’t a good idea and they do not recommend it being done, is looking like being overruled by the same government which has stated on numerous occasions that they are following the science.

Obviously they only follow the science when it suits their agenda. But we knew that anyway. This though is the first time they have ignored their own experts, so it will be interesting to see what kind of backlash there is from the media and public.

Maybe some of the politicians will decide enough is enough, and revolt against the government and force them to change their policy, but that’s a long shot. Any kind of political revolt will be dealt with by the usual means, bribery.

None of the above is new to most people who are reading this, but I felt that it was important to put my thoughts down and try to figure out where this is going.

Without global insurrection, l fear that this train isn’t going to stop before it reaches its final destination. I often wonder if at some point, the people who are currently in a heads up arse position, will change position, blink their eyes and wonder where they are?

Or will whatever substance they are taking and being told will bring them back to a normal life, have destroyed their ability to see reality?

I would like to think that at this pivotal stage, where young children are being targeted by the government lunacy to be vaxxed with or without parental consent, the parents will be outraged enough to say no.

If they don’t, then they are beyond redemption as they are prepared to sacrifice their own children in order to protect themselves. Make no mistake, this is their responsibility. There are no excuses for what they are going to unleash.

They can’t say they didn’t know, because they have been confronted by the truth and pushed it away. These people have lost touch with their morality and conscience, because the man on the television continues to tell them that they are right.

The government tells them that they are doing “the right thing” and they feel part a group of like minded people. This is the classic outcome of psychological manipulation. Reading some of their comments on social media posts they either agree with or don’t, is like looking into a vision of hell in a parallel universe.

The rage against anyone who disagrees with their views is difficult to describe, as is the slobbering devotion they show to anyone who posts something they do agree with.

I remain optimistic about the future, despite my efforts to be realistic about what is happening.

Right now is a huge opportunity for the people to stop the UK dictatorship juggernaut in its tracks, and show them that the injection of children is one step too far.

This opportunity must be taken now, unless dinner in Paris is more important than the lives of children.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash ]


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