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Does Mitt Romney Represent You?

August 01
12:00 2012

Presidents or front-runner presidential candidates should not be allowed to speak on behalf of almost 312 million Americans. Especially when they are visiting foreign countries and wearing their flag pins. Speaking as a representation for all of us should be a crime, considered treasonous, and written off as fascist.

Barack Obama doesn’t represent me. Does he represent you? What about Mitt Romney? Is he the impression of America that you want given to peoples overseas? I’m mostly embarrassed and fearful of his latest incendiary comments, reported by a Higher Source:

On a day that mixed religious symbolism, courtship of financial donors and tough rhetoric, Mitt Romney on Sunday declared in his most aggressive tones to date that the U.S. should stand firmly behind Israel if it chooses military action to thwart Iran’s progression toward a nuclear weapon.

What in the hell gave him the right to say that? Everybody knows that if a rich guy wants to get elected president in this country, he’s got to be friends with the Jews, and I mean close friends. But to give the green light: All right, Israel, the ball’s in your court, so if you decide to do a surgical nuclear strike on Iran’s ‘problem areas’, fine by me and the rest of America’s overtaxed, weary, frightened citizens.

Where did Mitt Romney get that kind of authority? Not from God, that’s for sure. Romney’s one of those people mentioned in the Bible who will have more trouble getting in Heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle. Again, I tell you, these fools don’t represent me, and I can’t help but wonder if they represent the rest of you.

The best thing that could happen with this Iran situation is if they acquired a nuclear weapon through their own hard work and diligence. They would never use the goddamned thing. That would be suicide. The only countries that actually fantasize about leveling other countries these days are the ones Mitt Romney’s desperately working to represent.

Iran has every right to protect its people and its nation. Iran also has the right to be extremely terrified as it is surrounded by US military bases, and Israel and America keep backing it into a corner with harsher sanctions, and by murdering Iranian nuclear scientists.

I have a very dear friend in Iran. She’s one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. She believes God’s love shines through every element of nature, therefore, she exudes that same love to every person she meets. She, through the social media networks of the world, wishes me a happy, safe, and fulfilling life, about every month or so. She has no fear about escalating tensions between her country and the West. She trusts in God.

How do I explain to her about the depravity of people like Mitt Romney, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu? That they don’t lose an hour of sleep over dead women and children in Yemen, or Afghanistan, or Iraq. That these men are monsters. Murderers. They don’t fear any God. They are not like other people. They are in power, and they are immune to prosecution of any broken laws.

Some nights, in the very scary, early morning hours, I get the haunting idea that Israel’s “1%” is using our military and our money to knock off Middle Eastern nations. As one of my favorite veterans and columnists has said, The US goes to war for three things: Oil, Drugs, & Israel.

Is Mitt Romney’s statement an ominous sign for the United States? Are we going to lash out at Iran on Israel’s behalf after the presidential election?

If we do, I’ll expect Mitt to fork over at least $200 million to help fund the operation.


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