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The History Mystery

The History Mystery
August 20
19:28 2021


I was born ten years after the end of the 2nd World War, which seems quite strange. I feel no connection to a time when my parents, as young people, had the prospect of being forced under the heel of the Nazi jackboot.

I can’t imagine how that would have felt, to wake up every morning wondering if the war had been lost.

But at least the propaganda would have been positive, leaving no room for anyone to think that their government was against them.

They, the government, were leading the way in the fight against the evil of fascism wanting to destroy the way of life into which they had been born.

Almost none of the people who are currently on social media have a recollection of terror of wondering if the next bomb was going to be the one which would hit them.

We have lived in a very free time since the war ended and are totally unused to any real fear of mass casualty events and massive changes to our way of life.

Terrorism from the likes of the IRA and some Middle Eastern countries was generally something which happened in other places to other people.

Even in London, Manchester or Birmingham where the IRA tended to target, people didn’t stop living in their usual manner. Even after the London tube bombing, the public got right back on the trains and were defiant against the terrorists.

They showed no fear despite the carnage of the previous day. Tube staff worked normally, but were probably more vigilant when it came to strange packages.

The media saluted the indefatigable British public’s spirit in the face of danger and vowed to support them against any threat to their way of life.

Fast forward to 2020, a mere 13 years after the terrorist atrocities, and the indefatigable British public ran cowering into their homes and some still haven’t emerged 18 months later.

What exactly happened in the years between the two events? Had the minds of the public become enfeebled and unable to think for themselves?

Maybe if the government in the 70’s during the IRA terrorism, had told people that they would be very likely to die due to the indiscriminate bombing, they might have done the same thing.

Similarly, if the 2007 bombing in London had been subject to the recent government and media propaganda, making people think they were likely to be killed at any time, might they have scurried for the shelter of their wardrobes?

This seems to be the key to the current shit show. It’s completely to do with how any event is pushed by the government and media. Did we hear anything from these malign sources, praising the amazing British spirit and resourcefulness?

Did we hear speeches from the fat fake Churchill, telling us that this was about using common sense and a British sense of proportion to a “disease” which would spare almost everyone who used their own judgment?

No, what we heard was entirely negative, and telling people that their government would deal with everything and if they did exactly what their government told them, they would come through this terrible killer “pandemic” unscathed.

But if they didn’t obey the government propaganda, they would surely be killed as soon as they stepped outside their front door. Shopping? That’s online now. The people who deliver the groceries are immune to the killer disease because they are “key workers”.

You see, the magic words, “key workers”, stopped the deadly killer disease in its tracks. For people who were able to think for themselves, the flaw in this argument was pretty obvious, but for the hard of thinking, this was accepted without a murmur of concern.

Everything which has taken place in the past 18 months has been made possible by the fear of death. The government told them, and they believed every one of thousands of contradictory lies.

When propaganda is positive, the people believe that they are invincible and they will walk through gore and guts for their government. We have seen both working to perfection over many years and most people believe that they are making decisions for themselves.

Now we are where we are and that cannot be changed.

We are part of history, and we have to make the best of it whether we like it or not.

That is just a statement of fact.

Complaining about our predicament doesn’t change one damn thing, and it only makes our lives more difficult.

We now have the chance to write the truth for future generations, from our front row seats at the show which never seems to end.

Roll up. Roll up and see the clown show in full colour. Cheer when your favourite clown trips over another lie and pretends nothing happened. My, how we laughed.

This is the opportunity to chronicle a time in history which will never be repeated. Many people aspire to be part of the history of their countries or indeed the world, but how many get the chance to write the truth about the lies?

This is our opportunity to set the record of this time, straight, because we know that the official version will be nothing to do with reality.

Use this time wisely, and although it’s a challenge, you will realise how important you are.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo by Filip Mishevski on Unsplash]


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  1. Michael Dermody
    Michael Dermody August 21, 09:07

    What a splendid article, Michael!
    My own father was in London for some of the 1930’s, and for a time during the war.
    Not all Gov’t propaganda was successful – remember ‘Mr Chad’? But it was uniformly positive.
    I was born a year after you, and grew up in the myth of an ‘improving’ society. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I realised that if society is dismembered by the removal of moral boundaries, society itself is destroyed. It is the ultimate devaluation/hyper-inflation, and an inversion of normal human life and habits.
    Our government inhabits and thrives in this husk of the traditional morality, and all its actions confirm this.
    Rather than bolstering our resolve to act together to mend this mess of their making, they are hell-bent on tormenting division, spreading fear and unhappiness and wallowing in the moral vacuum they have promoted.
    Quite unlike the days of the Second World War. It’s almost as though they are paid by the enemy?

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