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Greenwald’s David Miranda the Least Likely Terrorist On Earth

Greenwald’s David Miranda the Least Likely Terrorist On Earth
August 24
22:59 2013

Under a provision of Britain’s terrorism laws, Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda was detained for nine hours, which is the maximum amount of time he can be held under the British law without being arrested. He was questioned and ultimately all of his electronic devices confiscated — laptop, video game consoles, memory sticks.

Miranda had been acting as a carrier pigeon between Greenwald and fellow Snowden reporter, Laura Poitras, in Berlin. Thankfully, the materials Miranda was ferrying were encrypted, and thankfully Miranda did not know the code (otherwise the UK authorities would tickled it out of him with garish peacock feathers).

Yet, there is no reason British authorities should have thought Miranda had anything to do with terrorism. His partner, Glenn Greenwald, has become quite famous in the UK and the US as he’s been leading the charge in exposing the high-level corruption of NSA surveillance in the United States and abroad.

What is apparent is that the British authorities knew who David Miranda was, and because of his connection to very prestigious journalists, government agents should have known he is the least likely person to commit a terrorist act, like blow up a plane or hold hostage hundreds of passengers with a box cutter and then steer the aircraft with amazing precision into a tall building.

I mean, the body scanners or the metal detectors would have been enough to clear David. Actually, he’d already been cleared as he was only changing planes from his Berlin flight, to his Rio de Janeiro destination.

The UK authorities didn’t just stop him and detain him because he’s got brown skin like an Arab (which happens all too often), or because he was carrying Arabic language flash cards.

The fact the UK authorities used the cover-all justification–terrorism–for what really should be an unlawful detaining of an innocent citizen further ridicules the senselessness and abuse average citizens suffer at the hands of government agents who have the right of way to engage in malfeasant behavior by dropping the T-word.

American and British citizens should start dropping the T-word in relation to their former and present leaders, like George W Bush, David Cameron, and Tony Blair. And I don’t mean Tyrant or Torture, but Terrorism. Keep with the theme being beaten into our heads. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Well, I don’t know anybody who can and has caused as much damage and death as the Bush administration has with their having full access to the most extensive array of intercontinental ballistic missiles on earth. That, my friends, is terrorism. And terrifyingly real.

In other words, all of the above paragraphs are unnecessary. The truth is that the British government, on behalf of the US government, issued a strong warning to Greenwald and Poitras. It’s almost mafioso in the way it targets Greenwald’s loved one.

Next time, somebody will get their kneecaps broken. And after that, who knows? A car bomb? The Michael Hastings solution? Between Bradley Manning stripped to his underwear and locked in a solitary confinement cell for 23 hours a day while peace-prize recipient Barack Obama looked the other way, and the UN threatened to inspect the situation as possible torture,  to caging David Miranda in a holding cell and intimidating him for 9 hours, we’re facing a frightening future as free citizens. Actually, we’re facing a frightening present as mostly unfree citizens.

You have the right to believe in the official government narrative. You have the right to deemed an enemy of the state at any moment and whisked away under the renewed National Defense Authorization Act.

The good news is that Glenn Greenwald seems undeterred. He’s not the type to be bullied by spiritually bankrupt bureaucrats and immoral government agents. The more support he gains through boneheaded government stunts like what happened to Miranda, the better chance we have at beating this thing.

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