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The Evilution of Evolution

The Evilution of Evolution
February 06
19:01 2021


The evolution of the planet we call Earth, has generally meandered along at a fairly leisurely pace. Everything seems to have happened at the time it was meant to take place.

Or at least that’s how l see it.

But when we look back at the last 150 years and try to understand what happened to accelerate society to where it is today, it seems as if the evolutionary jigsaw has been picked up and scattered, and the pieces are being put back together in the wrong order.

The old saying, square pegs in round holes, never seemed so appropriate. Human beings are being stopped from doing what they are meant to be doing. Technology is running rampant, and defying scientific logic.

We hear politicians and their experts telling us that electric vehicles are the future of transport, but don’t appear to take into consideration the fact that the planet does not have the necessary resources for such a thing to happen.

Have they got a cunning plan, about which they are not telling us?

Will Baldrick’s turnip be the answer? Is plant based fuel going to be the plan?

We are apparently meant to take on trust that the people who are running the people who are running our politicians, know what they are doing.

Given the last few months, my trust in anything l hear from the mouths of any politician or someone associated with them, is now in minus territory.

At this point in time, we are seeing the results of the breaking up of society and wherever possible, the family unit. This has been going on for a long time, but for some reason it has now accelerated so quickly, it has every chance of getting completely out of control.

Just when we think we have figured out what and who is issuing the orders, we find that that organisation is no longer listened to. The CDC. The WHO. The WEF. And a long list of other groups of capital letters, are gradually becoming excess to the requirements of the real leaders.

Those leaders may well not actually have a clue about what they are doing. And this may be why no one can say exactly what is happening. Because now individual governments seem to be making up their own rules and appear to have gone rogue. This is the chaos theory in full swing.

We have lost any kind of coherent plan or leadership across the world. Possibly the lack of planning is in fact the plan.

At this point, no amount of insanity can be ruled out. If we are told tomorrow that we have to allow chickens and crocodiles to share our homes, and we can only use one hand to do everything, some people would be claiming that this policy is the one that will get them back to normal.

Yes folks, this is how nuts our lives have become.

Workers in supermarkets must wear masks whilst at work, but can sit in their canteen maskless and in closer proximity to their colleges than when on the shop floor, and they will not be in danger.

The most worrying thing about this is that the majority of the workers don’t have the ability to see how stupid this policy is.

They have been brainwashed by politicians and media to believe that whatever lunacy is advised, they will obey it without question. Even the completely bloody obvious idiocy of the rule is blindly followed.

Now, l have been keeping this as light as possible, because there is enough darkness for people already, but my opinion is that something malign is behind what has been going on. My title for this piece is, Evilution.

We have evolved to a point where we can have a decent life with more equality and love for our fellow human beings. The grinding poverty of people in certain areas of the world is only the way it is because it suits the people who are at the top. They keep people poor so they can be rich.

This could be changed to allow all people to have dignity and human rights. It would be possible to do this with the right people in charge of our and their countries. There is enough wealth in the top one percent of the people on the planet to change the world for the better, but we need to stop the greed of rapacious corporations who can only see people as commodities.

We have to treat the older members of society as an advantage to us and not some garbage to dump in care homes, which don’t care. We have a duty to our elders as well as to children. As a child l learned so much from great grandparents, grandparents, and extended uncles and aunts.

Our throwaway society must stop throwing away wisdom and love. We are at a moral crossroads right now, and in order to stop the destruction and chaos, we have to choose truth and love over the lies and hate we experience daily.

We all experience life in a different way, but we all want security and kindness. Not everyone will get the full package of a life of contentment, but surely we can do an awful lot better than what we have been reduced to at the moment.

We cannot allow the natural evolution of the earth to be destroyed by Evilution.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash]


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