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Couch Potatoes and Curry Sauce

Couch Potatoes and Curry Sauce
February 21
19:55 2021


Remember the number of years that the government promoted good health?

Get plenty of exercise. Eat well. Don’t smoke, and drink sensibly.

Stay healthy and live longer, saving the NHS from being overstretched.

Now we have people who haven’t left their homes in months, and the longest walk they have had, is from the couch to the front door, to collect the curry from the local Indian restaurant.

Overweight and completely unfit, they get the rest of their groceries plus the obligatory six bottles of wine, home delivered by their local supermarket. Their only ambition is to stay on furlough and watch another selection of mind numbing garbage from the latest free streaming service.

Any resulting illness from this excess of sloth and gluttony, will not be dealt with by the every shrinking NHS, which really should be called, the National Covid Service. It will ignore all other conditions except one which has an almost 99% recovery rate.

Another casualty of the government restrictions is dental care.

Dental practices are not allowed to do anything except emergency treatment, which is either a temporary filling or a tooth extraction. This is utterly unacceptable and turning the UK into a third world country.

People are actually buying home dentistry kits to try to treat themselves. This is disgusting, and an outrage in a country which is supposed to be modern and caring.

The lack of dental care is going to allow oral cancers to go undiagnosed and untreated until it is too late. Our human rights and human dignity are being thrown into the garbage.

And still the sheep keep eating the fast food and pretending everything is going to be back to normal again.

I visited Morocco a couple of years ago and asked about dental care in Marrakesh, where we were staying. The staff at the hotel said that they didn’t get fillings, but only extractions. Only the well to do got the full dental treatment.

Which explained the gappy smiles of the local people.

Is this what we can expect from the brave new world planned for us by the globalist cabal? A health service which will be split into two separate entities?

A proper service for the rich and a patch and extract system for the rest of us?

This will obviously apply to all areas of health.

I imagine an insurance type of service will be used. Something which is too expensive, or needs more social credits than the ordinary people can afford.

We, the little people, will have what is known in the USA as County Hospital. A free but inferior health service. Pretty much what we have been experiencing over the last few years.

“Oh, a 9 month wait for cancer treatment after diagnosis? I expect it’s the same for everyone”, is probably a typical response.

People have become used to relatives dying before they can be treated for a number of conditions.

The more this has gone on, the more it looks like a deliberate attempt to let people die without treatment or treatment which is too late to be of any use.

What can be done to change what is being planned for the billions of people who are being declared second class citizens?

With the advent of the “vaccine”, there is no doubt that the general population will shrink substantially over the next few years, or possibly less. If that’s the case, we have a look at living in a completely different way.

The only way l can see this working, is to localise and prepare for what is heading our way.

Have our own small enclaves, with the facilities to look after our own people. We will probably be left to our own devices by the national governments, once they have reduced the number people who they consider useless.

This is taking us back to a time where everyone was pretty much living locally. Small hospitals. Small businesses. Small lives.

We will have to take responsibility for ourselves and other people who need help. It really isn’t so long ago that we lived this way. We grew food on small farms and repaired our transport and appliances, instead of throwing everything away.

This idea might not ever be needed or even possible to implement. But the world we knew, isn’t going to be allowed to return, and we have to look seriously at others ways of doing things.

We have to mentally prepare for a future which will use the past as a template for living.

Let the billionaires and their lackeys live in luxury and fly to exotic locations, devoid of the small people, who they have never considered to be deserving of foreign travel. Let them wallow in their shallow lives and their love affair with money and power.

They will never be happy, because they will have lost that ability.

All the money in the world will not allow them to feel human emotion.

We can still laugh and love, despite what is happening. Which is something these people will never be able to do.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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  1. Paul
    Paul February 22, 04:25

    I especially like that you recognize that the elite will never be happy despite their wealth, they are empty soulless entities who will eventually devour themselves. As you say, we on the other hand will lead, although shorter lives it will be full of happiness of the Joy’s of life especially unencumbered by their tyrannical hand subjugation us 24/7.

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