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Censorship & Christmas

Censorship & Christmas
December 15
18:09 2020


Less than one year ago, we were living our humdrum lives and thinking about a new year with new possibilities and adventures.

Now we are facing a Christmas which, according to the government, will be “different”.

Obviously not different for the people who have been responsible for the removal of our liberties and destroyed lives and businesses.

They will have a Christmas which will be devoid of the hundreds of contradictory “rules” we have had imposed upon us.

They will not be worried about having too many family members at their home over the Christmas period.

As is common in dictatorships, the rules are only for the “small people”.

As l write this, news is circulating that the “rules” about Christmas could be about to be changed once again. This time, to stop families meeting over the Christmas period. This had been allowed under previous “rules”.

Now “cases” (false positive test results) are being manipulated to show a rise, and therefore something drastic will have to be done.

These arbitrary changes have been responsible for the huge increase in mental health issues and suicides since the beginning of the house arrest. People just begin to think that they will have a little more freedom, when their hopes are dashed by politicians who have no empathy and fewer scruples.

We see our opinions and freedom of expression being squeezed out by ever more censorship of social media. Warnings appear when one goes to post something factual, but against the political narrative.

Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram are stopping open debate on the subject of our liberties and human rights. There can only be one version of the truth, and government and their financial masters are desperate to make sure it is their version which is seen and heard by the public.

Cronyism is rife in government circles, with huge contracts being awarded to start up companies with no existing experience of the goods they are going to provide. Some of these companies appear to have close ties and associations with current and past members of the governing party.

Hundreds of millions of pounds are being handed out as if it were Christmas every day. This would put some of the most corrupt countries in the last few decades to shame.

There is no recourse to law for anyone wanting to take the government to task for every awful thing they have done since March. The judiciary has gone the same way as the police, and are no longer independent bodies.

Parliament is now incidental to the government. The occasional rant by a politician against the government propaganda and lies appears to be only a token gesture, to make the public think that at least one politician understands their predicament.

We have to face up to the fact that the UK is a bona fide dictatorship.

Each country of the Union is ruled by its own mini dictator, grinding the faces of the public into the gutter and tearing up all laws which have protected its citizens’ freedoms for centuries.

Of course, this is happening all over the world — very few countries still have working democracy. The majority of the global population has been reduced to whimpering shadows of their former selves. Too frightened to make a stand, and actually enjoying not having to make decisions.

Under-tested and experimental vaccines are being injected into an ever willing population, desperate to go back to normal, but blind to the fact that the government has already said a vaccination will not stop them from having to wear masks and socially distance.

What will happen to people in the next few weeks or months, after being injected, is a complete mystery to not only the public, but also the government scientists and politicians.

As there is no public debate between scientists from both sides of the argument, the general public is ignorant of opposing advice, and react violently if their beliefs are challenged. At this point there is no doubt that their views will be changed by reasoned debate.

The only way this may change, is if they see what happens to those who are injected. But as any bad reactions will be kept out of the public domain, that won’t likely be possible.

Censorship will prevail, as it has for the last few months.

I certainly hope people will decide not to let the government ruin their Christmas, and get together with their loved ones.

If there is a time for defiance, it is Christmas.

Do not allow these cowards to win.

Merry Christmas and Resist the Lies.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair
[header Image by Couleur from Pixabay]

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  1. S Cheese
    S Cheese December 16, 06:26

    I’ve resisted since it began. No government ever cares about the population. Christmas, as every other day, will continue the same for me. Since March I’ve not allowed any edict, hoop, or flip flop stop me from moving around as I have always done. Great read, cheers

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