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Osama bin Laden Deceased, but Still Winning

May 18
23:49 2012
…but still winning.

The telling discussion about the amendment to remove from the NDAA bill the part about indefinitely detaining American citizens without due process:

Lawmakers who opposed the amendment…argued that mandating regular trials would tie the president’s hands and give terrorists special rights.

“What that means is, as soon as a member of al Qaeda sets foot on American soil, the first thing he hears after ‘You are under arrest’ is, ‘You have the right to remain silent, you have a right to be provided an attorney and if you can’t afford one, one will be provided for you,” Rep. Mac Thornbury (R-Texas) said. “There may be differences about how we treat illegal aliens who come here as members of al Qaeda to conduct terrorist attacks, but I think the vast majority of people in this body and around the country do not think telling them they have the right to remain silent as the first thing they hear is a wise thing.”

Here’s another win for Osama bin Laden. The Americans can’t even assure their own citizens the basic rights and freedoms that is supposed to make their country great. If every terrorist had the nasty buzzword tattooed on the tender skin between their eyes and eyebrows, stripping them of their rights might make sense. But then again, everyone from GW Bush to Barack Obama would have a difficult time explaining what’s on their foreheads.

In the great depths of the Arabian Sea*, Osama bin Laden’s corpse smiles a big one. Give America a metaphorical “wedgie”, and watch them destroy their country from the inside out. Without their Constitutional rights, they’re nothing.

*Actually, bin Laden’s body wasn’t dumped at sea, like our dirty president and his mafioso Department of Defense secretary told us. Bin Laden’s body was flown to the US aboard a CIA plane. And it’s anybody’s guess what happened to it after that. Maybe it was roasted and eaten by Dick Cheney. But then again, maybe not. There’s no cooking the evil out of that one. Cheney or bin Laden.

See also, GW Bush offers bin Laden’s heart to Dick Cheney

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