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World Weather Wars, Where Skies Are Cloudy All Day

World Weather Wars, Where Skies Are Cloudy All Day
June 08
12:56 2016

Pertshire, Scotland

Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play. Where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.

In some parts of the USA the skies ARE cloudy all day. This is because of government sanctioned climate manipulation or geoengineering, as it is now called. The cloudiness is caused by chemicals being sprayed out in vast quantities by squadrons of unmarked  jets flying in formation over huge areas of the USA, to mask the sun from heating the planet.

Chemtrails_GermanyPlus the chemtrails from thousands of commercial jets adding to the mix, making clear blue skies a thing of the past!

This cloudiness also causes a greater “greenhouse effect” by stopping the heat from escaping into the upper atmosphere. This is worse for the planet than the UV rays created by the sun. Win some, lose some, lose some more.

This has been going on in one way or another since the mid 1940’s, when the first experiments in chemical cloud seeding took place.

These experiments were carried out by Vincent Schaefer and Nobel laureate, Irving Langmuir at General Electric’s research laboratory at Schenectady in July 1946. They were trying to stimulate ice crystal growth using various chemicals including salt.

On finding the deep freeze not cold enough one morning, dry ice was added to aid rapid cooling and by doing this, accidentally caused ice crystals to form. And the first cloud seeding method was born.

Dr Bernard Vonnegut, brother of the novelist Kurt,  discovered, around the same time, the method of cloud seeding using Silver Iodide. This wasn’t patented until 1975.

Both methods were used from that time to try to alleviate drought in parts of the USA. There was some success in initial trials but it wasn’t the panacea for which they were hoping.

If these scientists knew what would follow in the next 50 to 60 years they would be ashamed of what has happened since.

There is a realisation that what has been done in the name of good, relieving drought etcetera, has turned against the manipulators. They have been so blinkered in efforts to change weather patterns and conditions, they have ignored the possibility of something catastrophic happening.

Parts of the planet are being defoliated by the chemicals in the rain which falls from the poisoned clouds. Hundreds of acres of land in western states of the USA are being affected.

This is not just confined to America. Australia has been cloud seeding for many decades and has similar problems. Russia uses climate manipulation over large areas of its territory. China is also using a variety of cloud seeding methods which results in massive snow storms and flooding.

Jet stream manipulation is a reality despite denials by governments. They have the technology to shift the jet stream north or south depending on where they can get the most out of it. Using it as a weapon against other countries to stop crop growth and cause longer, colder winters.

Russia, China and the USA are involved in “weather war” and don’t understand the consequences. As usual, the victims of these “weather war” experiments are the general population. There is huge ignorance by mainstream science and media to what is happening to the climate.

They continue to spoon-feed us the lies they are told to tell by those in power. Those who have a vested interest in keeping us in the dark and doing whatever they want to make billions out of killing the planet.

Initially, weather manipulation was about saving us from planet destruction, but it has backfired alarmingly.Climate_Cooling_Government

We are constantly berated for our culpability in climate change and told to change our behaviour in order to save the planet for future generations. Now we are discovering that the people who are in charge are the people mainly responsible for this unfolding disaster!

News from the sunshine state of California is extremely troubling. They want to change the law to imprison anyone who denies or questions man made climate change. Lawsuits could be brought against “fossil fuel companies, think tanks, plus others who have deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

Senate bill 1161 or The California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, is where you can find out about what is proposed.

This is “The Land of the Free” we are talking about here. The First Amendment is all but dead!

So, if I’m reading this correctly, the people who are telling us that we have to be aware of our “carbon footprint”, recycle everything, not use grocery store plastic bags, and generally live in a cave in the Outer Hebrides, and having us riddled with guilt, are the very people who are responsible for ruining the planet!

They have interfered with Mother Nature for years and now it is out of control and we the public are bearing the brunt of the resulting chaos!

There is an enormous amount of information on climate manipulation to be read. Please seek out the truth about this and begin to understand why we have come to this point of no return.

We have to stop feeling guilty about climate change and begin to understand what is happening before our very eyes.
This is not our fault!

This is the fault of the unbridled greed of multinational corporations and the lust for power by corrupt politicians.

It is sheer arrogance to think that they can do what they like and blame and tax us, knowing that they are the culprits.

In the beginning, some very clever and sincere people wanted to make rain fall where it was most needed, but they really should have left nature to go its own way.

I’m fed up being followed by my own wee black cloud of government sponsored guilt. Shake off that guilt and live free in the knowledge that it wasn’t us, it was them!

special thanks to Ashley Leggatt for her inspiration


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Nos Fumigan photo from Jove; chemtrails over Germany from SketchUp; weather manipulation graphic from Hughhunt]

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