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Poor Paul Walker, but When Is Enough Enough?

Poor Paul Walker, but When Is Enough Enough?
December 02
14:33 2013

For those who relish living inside of the never ending American entertainment circus, Paul Walker’s death has become a reason to continue living and thriving. Online news websites have their front pages stacked with various articles about the late actor, who died Saturday in a red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT car wreck. The irony, as everybody notes, is because of his prominent role in a series of movies, about fast and furious vehicles, that nobody in their sane mind would want to see.

If you like being inside the matrix and worrying about problems that don’t matter, then there should be at least a few more days of Paul Walker hype to keep you fueled and motivated. How fast was the Porsche going? What were the final hours of the late actor’s life like? How good of a guy was he? What were his final thoughts as he understood the car in which he was riding was going to collide into a tree? Was he proud of his life? What would he have changed? And so on.

Admittedly, it’s a bummer. It’s sad any time there’s a car wreck, and in Los Angeles County, there are many. Freeway pileups. Drunken drivers veering across the median and hitting a father of three head-on and killing him. Semi-trucks flipping onto cars and crushing their passengers.

In fact, my eccentric doctor, after he rubbed his bald head for clarity, looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you know what the biggest cause of death is to men in your age group?” After he’d let me stew in the seriousness of that question for a few moments, he answered it by saying, “Cars,” and he took another lengthy pause, “and other men.”

It’s a terrifying world in which humans die tragically. Not just every day, but every hour. Every minute, even, across the world. Therefore, we learned from this latest celebrity travesty that Paul Walker was human, therefore he was mortal, and he succumbs to fiery car crashes just like anybody else.

If you don’t like living in the matrix, and the gushing celebrity worship of Hollywood all the way to the White House, you might find all this Paul Walker coverage silly, maybe even hypocritical.

For example, witnesses said the fire was too hot to attempt to save the actor and the driver from the twisted luxury car. It must be a similar feeling of helplessness when a predator drone nails a pickup truck full of workers in Pakistan with a Hellfire missile. When those around the explosion come to help the victims, they don’t realize the predator drone is already circling back around to do what the Obama administration heroically calls a “double tap” to wipe out those Good Samaritans.

If we’re going to obsess over a very personal tragedy (for Walker and the driver’s families) then we might as well, as decent American citizens, attempt to use the situation to catapult us into an empathetic mindset.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to do this during the holiday shopping season, so, America, while your emotions are running high over this Walker deal, you’d best take advantage of that and gain some perspective about what other people must be going through the world over in lesser publicized, but far more gruesome events carried out in your name, with your money, and with your vote.

[photo by Jack Zalium]

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  1. Your Disappointed Hellcat from LA, Rebel Rouser, and Truth-Seeker at Large
    Your Disappointed Hellcat from LA, Rebel Rouser, and Truth-Seeker at Large December 10, 09:41

    My Dear Author,

    I am a bit disappointed with the lazy journalism here. It has come to my recent attention that one of America’s most revered cultural icons who, like your beloved Hubert Humdinger, has been in hiding for some time, sheds new and improved light on the “mystery” surrounding Paul Walker’s death.

    Now, a few quick fact checks on Facebook and TMZ should have alerted you to the critical discovery in the case by beloved reality star Tila Nguyen (better known by her devotees as Tia Tequila). Ms. Tequila’s theory which proffers Walker’s death as a “ritualistic murder” simply cannot go unnoticed. From the same cathode ray of light who regularly defends her favorite posthumous reality star, the Fuhrer himself, (see her tell-all blog “Why I Sympathize With Hitler: True History Unveiled: Part 1”) we need to stand and listen!

    Wake up, Dear Author! Rise up, Dear Readers! It’s a bright cold day in December, and the clocks are striking thirteen.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author December 11, 20:05

      There is no room on Dear Dirty America for dangerous speculation like this! They almost killed Tequila and now DDA is on the list thanks to your comment, Hellcat. And how dare you compare Humdinger with Tequila. Humdinger used to be formidable. He’s got a few ideas about Hitler, also, that cannot be published here. Maybe I’ll send him Tiny Tila Tequila’s contact information and he can jive with her. He loves younger women. Absolutely loves them.

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  2. Hellcat
    Hellcat December 10, 10:08

    Editor’s Note And Correction: Due to a Scrivener’s error, Ms. Tila Teqila was erroneously referred to in my above comment as Tia Tequila. I regret the error and apologize to Ms. Tequila, DDA, The Tila Army (you know who you are, and the American Public.

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