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Climate Change or Climate Con?

Climate Change or Climate Con?
September 21
14:42 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

Having seen the disgusting mess left in the wake of the recent climate change protest marches, I’m tempted to think the protesters only like the idea of recycling and being environmentally friendly, instead of actually doing anything about it.

For me, the most dangerous part of these protests is the use of children. They are being deliberately frightened by what can only be described as climate propaganda.

It is relentlessly aimed at the 10 to 16 year old age groups, and is being taught in schools, but not in an educational way. These are scare tactics coming from so called responsible adults, teachers, making children fearful and tearful at the very mention of “climate events”, the new description of any short period of inclement weather.

These children are now being used by the very people who are behind the pollution in the first place,and it would appear to mostly be a con to get the public to buy something more expensive and leave it on the ground behind them.

Plus we have celebrities jetting around the world whining about climate change, while contributing to the very thing they are against.

The same people who do this would like a ban on air travel, which of course wouldn’t apply to them or politicians.

The hypocrisy surrounding climate change activism is staggering.

There is no doubt that pollution from industry has a bearing on the well-being of the planet and its occupants, so why don’t we see huge marches in China and Russia?

They, along with India, are responsible for the vast majority of air and ground pollution. The UK contributes a minute amount to the overall global pollution, but we are constantly being berated and shamed by climate fanatics, who tend not to be part of the general public.

The slightest variation in temperature is greeted with hand wringing, petticoat clutching despair.

At the moment, the UK is basking in early Autumn sunshine. This isn’t unusual in September, but according to the usual suspects, this is the beginning of the end of the world, again.

Instead of hiding under the table shaking with fear and mumbling incoherently, get outside and enjoy the last hurrah of summer.

I refuse to be made to feel guilty for enjoying a warm few days.

My parents used to go on holiday in the North East of Scotland in October, because they invariably got a great week of sunshine along with crisp mornings. Perfect weather for walking.

I remember in February this year, there was a two-day mild spell of weather. The hysteria was ridiculous. Once again, the end of the world was nigh.

I would be more likely to be convinced if a more measured tone was used, instead of insane levitational hysteria.

Back at the end of the climate change protests, we see the result of thousands of people out for a day in the sunshine. Vast amounts of single use plastics and a sea of litter left in their wake as they travel home in huge convoys of large vehicles, consuming vast quantities of fossil fuels.

Haven’t these people figured out that they are lining the pockets of the multinational companies they profess to be against?

It doesn’t matter what they buy or who they buy from. Everything they buy has come from a company which is owned by company which is owned by a company etcetera etcetera. The climate activists are helping their “enemies” make eye watering profits and carry on polluting the planet.

On a recent “news” item, we were being told that we should be buying second hand clothing. Hmmmm, I don’t think this was thought through very well.

Surely in order to have enough used clothes, new clothes have to be bought?

Who would be allowed to purchase the new clothing? Just the people who are against climate change? Only special hand picked by committee people? People related to politicians?

This was aimed at the people closer to the bottom of the food chain, who already are buying second hand clothing, from charity shops, because they can’t afford to buy new stuff. So this was another example of the “let them eat cake” attitude which pervades our daily lives.

The “do as I say, not as I do” type of people who wouldn’t go near a charity shop unless they were heavily disguised.

They are the people who look upon the “little” people who have to abide by the rules, as voting fodder and servants to their needs.

People who have this attitude are the leaders of the climate change protests. Safe in the knowledge that nothing they advocate will have a negative effect on their own lives or those of their families. Rules only apply to others, but never them.

If there was ever proper “grass roots” protests about the state of the country or the planet, they would be shut down immediately and the leaders put in jail.

This also applies to the current divide created by the EU in or out debate.

Had the vote gone the other way and the Leave side had acted like the Remainers, they would have been closed down by police and courts.

The elitist attitude to and involvement in climate change or anything else for that matter, always makes me very suspicious. Big business is the unseen hand pulling the strings of the movement.

But the children who are having sleepless nights, wondering if tomorrow will bring mass flooding, rampant drought and plagues of frogs, are the ones being used, and that’s just beyond the pale.

Wake up and smell a corporate bullshit!

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Climate change protest header photo courtesy of peganum; Wikimedia Commons]

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