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Political Lemmings Using Greta Thunberg to Save Their Jobs

Political Lemmings Using Greta Thunberg to Save Their Jobs
April 25
08:23 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

In nature we wonder why small furry animals throw themselves off high cliffs to their deaths.

Well, they don’t actually do this deliberately.

It has to do with either mass migration or a basic urge to mate. This can involve attempting to cross wide bodies of water as well as falling off cliffs.

So, not deliberate, they are just following their inner natural urges.

This appears to be something similar our politicians are trying to accomplish, while trying to deal with Brexit.

They seem to have been overcome with a subconscious desire to commit mass electoral suicide.

Now that the Brexit shambles has been parked for some time, climate change has taken centre stage and has shown similar political attitudes to those of the EU argument.

If politicians show anything, it’s their innate ability to leap upon any passing bandwagon which they think will enhance their public status and popularity.

They do this unfailingly.

At the moment they are wetting themselves to be seen associating with and agreeing with a sixteen year old autistic Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, on all matters regarding the climate of our planet.

Sixteen is an age where ideas are formulated and moulded, but generally these ideas are kept within the confines of the bedroom or classroom. Rarely are they seem on a national stage, never mind an international stage.

Sixteen isn’t usually an age to be lecturing world governments on any subject. In fact sixteen is more likely to be the age of lecturing one’s parents on why they are wrong on every single thing they say.

But this particular sixteen year old is being feted by the great and the good, and was invited to address the Westminster Parliament.

Does that seem just a wee bit strange?

The Speaker, John “I’m trendy” Bercow, was positively salivating at the prospect of a vulnerable sixteen year old autistic girl lecturing the grown-ups. His pomposity knows no bounds.

I also saw a picture of Ed “I’m really interesting” Miliband, watching young Greta with the look of a small Labrador puppy on his pasty face. Almost drooling with admiration.

There is something very off-putting about the whole scenario surrounding the promotion of this girl. I believe she is being used by politicians, who see her as someone who can push their agendas to all sections of society and make it look as if they haven’t got anything to do with her opinions.

It will be interesting to see what happens in a couple of years. Will Greta still be the poster girl for these people, or will she be back home in Sweden wondering why her famous friends aren’t returning her calls?

Back to the reaction of the public to this political love in.

From what I have seen on social media, many people are more uneasy about the way Greta has been used and are concerned about the aims of the politicians.

They rightly suspect that the reasons for the slavish devotion have little to do with agreeing with her thoughts on climate change, and are more about making themselves look good. Perhaps hoping that the public will see them in a new light.

If that’s the case, they are even more sadly deluded than we already thought.

The cynicism of the political classes in using this teenager is breathtaking. They know the public isn’t going to say anything negative about a vulnerable young girl, regardless of how they feel. For politicians, they think this is a win-win situation, but I think it will come back and bite their fat arses.

This is another example of politicians thinking they can manipulate public perception. They are creating the conditions of their own downfall but appear to be completely oblivious of their fate.

The Brexit farce doesn’t seem to have taught them anything. They have become even more cynical and imagine we are blind to their schemes.

We have been lied to by every single politician in the UK for decades and now is the time for us to show them that it cannot go on.

They are a disgraced, greedy, and stupid collection of social misfits, who when faced with extinction band together and use an autistic sixteen year old girl to save their jobs.

Their ambition and desire for power will see them tumble blindly over the cliff, just like the poor lemmings.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Mural of Greta Thunberg provided by Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Neogeografen]


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