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MSNBC’s Horrible, Horrible News? But It Was Expected

June 04
21:30 2013
It’s a cute, unassuming logo, but the peacock’s feathers have been ruffled.

All right, the news isn’t that terrible. It’s obvious and expected. MSNBC is losing viewers at an astonishing rate. Soon they’ll be at Dear Dirty America’s level. But why shouldn’t they be? Not only are people sick of corporate, General Electric-funded news, there are astrological implications at play.

Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, and its transit will not be completed until 2023. Pluto topples major structures and institutions that now stifle growth. There will be massive shifts in power. Power held by a few will be spread to the many. We’re seeing it happen on every front. These are very dangerous times, as the super wealthy and powerful fight to hold on.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m only a delusional country boy stuck in an impoverished, bustling neighborhood in the big, big city. Here’s an expert on the matter, from the mother of light and love:

Since Pluto is, indeed, the “Great Transformer”, and revamps, reshapes, overhauls and thus transforms whatever it is currently impacting, it will bring this overhaul type energy to those areas that Capricorn rules, which are:
  • The economy, corporations, banking and big business.
  • Government and its policy, influence and actions at all levels (local, national and global).
  • Politics and political activities (i.e. elections, voting issues, law, etc.).
  • Societal laws, rules and regulations.
  • Churches and organized religion, and the dogmas and rituals they adhere to.
  • The patriarchal system in general.

Our major structures of finance, education, energy, religion, etc are being challenged, and are crumbling. The Iranian Revolution. The Arab Spring. The Tea Party. Occupy Wall Street. To name a few. These were enormous movements of energy. Waves of consciousness that were all tied to the same fundamental principles: freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all. And it’s not over. It’s just getting started. You can feel it building.

The dinosaur media is struggling to survive as the attention to news and commentary and expertise has been shifted into the hands of alternative news sites, public forums, and blogs. The mainstream media continues to discredit itself when it fails to report nationwide protests, like the Occupy Movement, or the slow, illegal torture of Bradley Manning, or the recent March Against Monsanto.

People want to know about these things. The Internet provides the information, yet the major networks don’t cover the events, or jump in much too late, when they realize they look silly for not covering a newsworthy story. This chips away at their credibility. The people are losing faith in corporate-sponsored news.

If MSNBC had consulted their in-house astrologists, they might have expected this sort of thing. They will not regain power or prominence. MSNBC, along with FOX, CNN, and so on, will become fossils in the heavy sands of time.

As Hubert Humdinger, the exiled cultural philosopher once wrote,

“The dinosaurs of the mainstream media era will sink to their knees like the giant beasts of the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event 65 million years ago. Their bodies will be covered by new growth, shifting soil, until their remains are pressed into pockets of oil, by which our new generations of humans will light their lamps and fuel their engines as they collectively decide how best to proceed the uncharted territory of liberty and reasonable abundance for all.”

There are downsides to all of this. Are the people ready for more responsibility? It doesn’t seem like it. The president can’t even speak in long sentences for risk of losing his audience. And that’s tough because there’s a tendency to want to read the words off the teleprompter very fast and get the speech over with.

It seems the chemicals in the water and the heavy Frankenstein sweeteners and preservatives in the food have rendered us incapable of thinking for ourselves, or holding two more thoughts in mind at once. Check out what’s popular on YouTube. Check the trends on Twitter. Scroll through your Facebook feed. Idiocracy is here.

Are we ready for the major shifts in power? It’s going to get a lot darker before it gets lighter.


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