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Politicians, Parasites, and Religion

Politicians, Parasites, and Religion
February 01
18:23 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

The older I get and the more I see of politicians, the more I become disillusioned. No, more than disillusioned. Saddened is probably closer and a truer description of my feelings.

As we head towards one fifth of the 21st century being over, nothing has changed in the ugly world of politics. Dictators are still in charge in many countries, for some, maybe it is just as well.

From bitter experience of the results of the overthrown governments of Libya and Iraq and other countries, the removal of the dictatorship has allowed factions to be free to resurrect old unfinished business and slaughter each other in the name of religion.

Not that they are different religions, they are different branches of the same religion, in much the same way as different parts of Christianity can’t sing from the same hymn sheet. I find all of the religions equally baffling.

It stands to reason they cannot all be right or wrong.

But people are still being killed because of their religious beliefs, and this is surely an unacceptable way to go about life. There has to be another route to take if we aren’t going to be in a perpetual state of war.

Politicians have tried, but made very little difference to trying to persuade people to talk together to find what they have in common, and not what they disagree upon.

The problem is that politicians unfortunately have the same issues with religion. Some wear their religion like a badge of honour and others tend to be less obvious in what they believe. Media commentators will say, “He/she is a devout Catholic” and this is why they hold certain views.

This of course is nonsense. We don’t need to be of a certain religion to hold a particular view.

This issue isn’t some parochial problem, this is worldwide, but if one stops and thinks for a moment, we can see that the whole religious concept is not much more than a giant confidence trick.

Similar to 1960’s advertising….

“Use X religion and your soul will be a completely clean.”  “Our double X religion will show X religion is an inferior product.” And so on…

In fact, we are all composed of the same materials. Flesh and blood. Water and carbon, etcetera.

None of us have two brains or three arms to make us feel superior. But all religions claim to be somehow better than their competitors. Stronger. Faster. Bigger.

I could see religion being relevant if these advantages were real, but unfortunately we are mere mortals.

“I believe in Blaghism because it gives me X-ray vision.”

Not one religion can make a human being anything other than what it is already.

Now, some people might say that a god made humans, therefore there must be a god.

I tend to think, if a god figure exists, then people should be worshipping the same one. That makes sense. It doesn’t mean that God exists, but it would be a level field of worship.

Religion causes death and destruction because of people disagreeing over which one’s god is better, and is a dreadful waste of life. Nothing good ever came from a religious war.

Not that much good comes from any war, but you know what I mean.

Any politician who uses religion as an excuse to kill other people shouldn’t be able to then lead a country.

But they always have the excuse of saying, “Our religion is a superior religion to theirs,” which immediately gives them the go ahead. Once people believe their religion is superior to others, then they will do whatever their leader tells them.

I hear you say, “but we should intervene.” But we have seen what intervention has achieved. It has caused even more deaths and maimed people. In most cases, doing nothing in the best way.

Unfortunately politicians always feel that they have to do something.

Back in the political world in the USA and UK, where we have what are essentially two party political systems, religion plays it’s part in decision making. Or at least it appears that is the case.

The right leaning politicians will invoke religious beliefs in order to get particular sections of society to vote for them.

Whereas the left in politics are looked upon as godless heathens, who kill babies and love murderers.

Just how different are these political parties and their politicians? Not very different is the answer.

To the public, it seems as if there are no points to be agreed upon, but behind the scenes, the politicians of both sides collude to make laws which are only ever going to benefit themselves and not the public.

Yet the public, well some of them, hold up these people as heroes and role models?

This is bizarre behaviour. An unshakeable belief in something which does not exist.

Very much like religion.

At the top of almost every religion there are charlatans who despise the people who worship them, as if they were gods themselves. Much like politicians.

I often wonder what makes people believe in political parties or religion. It must be a lack of self confidence or the need to be attached to a larger group who can somehow protect them and hold the same beliefs.

It is unfortunate that they are being used to keep the leaders of the religious community and political parties in the style to which they are accustomed.

On the whole, I probably have slightly more respect for the religious over the political. But not by much. They both use vulnerable people for their own ends and do not care about what happens to these people. It is high time that the public woke up to the fact that they are being lied to on an industrial scale, all the time.

The brexit shambles is a great example of political chicanery and bare faced lies. I sense that people are seeing, probably for the first time, that politicians don’t care about them and only what they can get for themselves and their business cronies.

All political parties and religions have all been involved in the greatest confidence trick since time began.

I’m not trying to denigrate anyone’s beliefs, but merely asking that people should think before idolising anything.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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