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Neil McCabe: Loud Music & Sleep Deprivation Acceptable Torture for Child Detainees

January 25
23:00 2013
Los Angeles

Buses carry first 20 captives to camp x-ray.

Col Davis is outright against torturing children, as anybody should be. But Neil McCabe brings the conversation back around to what he thinks are sophisticated questions, What is torture, exactly? What is ill-treatment? My guess, he says, is that none of these children were hooked up to, like, electrodes. There may be loud music, and maybe they’ve been kept awake for a long period of time….

On Russia Today (RT), Retired Colonel Morris Davis, and writer at Human Events, Neil McCabe talked about the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison, and why President Obama hasn’t shut it down yet. Obama promised to close the black site when he first campaigned to be president, but now, in his second term, has yet to follow through.

While Davis called the failure to end the horrors at Gitmo “an unfortunate chapter that keeps going on and on”, McCabe argues that the alternative to shutting down Gitmo is the White House’s less preferable drone war, which seeks and kills combatants without any judicial oversight. “I like Guantanamo Bay,” he says.

Well, if Kardashian said so…

McCabe, laughing as he speaks, says he’s got friends in the reservists who have been to Gitmo, and “…none of them saw torture, and none of them saw any of the crazy things people talk about.” McCabe’s response is in the same category of mental thinking that possessed Kim Kardashian to tell Tonight Show host Jay Leno that the nice people who ran the diamond mines in Africa really don’t mistreat their workers, because the owners said they didn’t, and that “blood diamonds” are really nothing to worry about. Don’t worry about buying diamonds, she stressed to the audience, because she was there. She saw everything was OK.

Millions of wayward Kardashian fans were suddenly told by their plastic hero that blood diamonds are a myth, all because when she visited the mines, and she didn’t see any foul play. Did Kim ever ask herself if the owners of the mine would really show her the bad sides of their trade? Is McCabe making a more suitable argument? As if torture at Guantanamo Bay is done in the public courtyard and recorded for the safety and legal rights of those being tortured.

The major difference between McCabe and Kardashian is an obvious one: McCabe doesn’t stir the lower energies of his viewers when he delivers misinformation, but he does have the effect of a high-level irritant. McCabe portrays the image of a man who, as a boy in grade school, was told once or twice by his superiors (probably his parents) that he was the brightest in the classroom. Sure, he wasn’t much in gym class, and yes, his legs didn’t move as nimbly as the other boys’ legs, but your mind, young Neil, is where you excel.

He has held onto that assumption ever since, and it is that deep-rooted notion of boyhood mental supremacy that has allowed him to giggle like a C-rate court jester in a tizzy over medieval atrocities, like torturing and re-programming the children of nations plundered by the US military.

Checking on detainees

As the RT moderator pointed out, 86 of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay have been cleared for release, and 92 percent of the prisoners are not linked to Al-Qaeda, yet McCabe still believes Gitmo is a good thing, a necessary aspect of the war on terror, and he makes the assumption that innocent people caught up in the US’ whirlwind war on terror would rather be imprisoned for a decade than be targeted by a sky-streaking predator drone.

Is Gitmo preferable to drones? Why would we, as believers of freedom and equality, stand for either one? Gitmo is not like the Best Western, yet McCabe seems to think people on Obama’s kill list would find it preferable to be whisked away to a prison known for torture and humiliation and evil.

Being imprisoned as some of these prisoners have been, locked up for 5 or 10 or 12 years, subjected to ear-splitting music, sleep deprivation, cramped and cold living quarters, and the possibility of being tortured by guards who hate them and think they are scum terrorists, may not necessarily be better than instant death. Being mocked because of their religion. No hope of a fair trial, nor any certainty of being released. And all on a black site outside of the rules and bounds of the Geneva Convention. Talk about feelings of despondency and brain-scrambling fear.

When Morris Davis pushes back a little, McCabe launches into the shtick that the war on terror, and that these enemy combatants, are irregular enemies and do not belong to any actual organization and have not signed any treaties, so, essentially, the United States of America is generously putting them up at Gitmo when really, they wouldn’t have to.

“We owe them nothing,” McCabe says, and smiles his jack-o-lantern grin. I’m afraid he’s serious about this. McCabe actually believes the United States is doing these irregular enemy combatants a favor by kidnapping them from their country, after our military has invaded, and stuff them away in a terrifying pen outside the rules and regulations of international law.

As long as the children aren’t being hooked up to electrodes…

The RT moderator brought up a report by the United Nations that investigated children being interrogated and harmed or mistreated in Afghanistan, by NATO forces, to extract information. If torture doesn’t happen at Gitmo, it happens in other places, she said. 

Col Davis is outright against torturing children, as anybody should be. But Neil McCabe brings the conversation back around to what he thinks are bright questions, What is torture, exactly? What is ill-treatment? “My guess,” he says, “is that none of these children were hooked up to, like, electrodes. There may be loud music, and maybe they’ve been kept awake for a long period of time….” 

I don’t care much for children, personally, but I would never support anybody who wishes to fuck them up mentally and spiritually. I’m appalled at McCabe’s slum lord mentality. As long as US forces aren’t doing barbaric Nazi-scientist experiments on the children of impoverished nations that we’ve invaded, there really isn’t anything to worry about.

If McCabe can’t use his imagination to strike up a modicum of empathy concerning the ill-treatment of children, perhaps you and I can. Imagine, especially for a child, men in combat uniform, from a foreign and very powerful nation, take you from your family, lock you up, and blast you with loud music for long periods of time, and force you to stay awake no matter how tired you are. 

Is that not disastrous treatment for any child? The military was condemned by artists like Rage Against the Machine for using their music to audibly torture Gitmo detainees. Children from villages in Afghanistan aren’t going to find Western rock and metal music charming, and certainly not at ear-cleaving levels. That would be a nightmare. Any child would assume he was going to be put to death or seriously maimed or stomped. 

And yet Neil McCabe argues that this is OK, as long as we’re not shoving electrodes up the children’s asses and watching them writhe in agony. 

The justification for anything obscene carried out by our government and its military forces will always be blamed on terrorism. Terrorism is a word that is not easily defined, and can be used by our leaders with such gravity that very few people will argue with them. The pursuit of stamping out terrorism is our excuse to declare the entire world as a possible battlefield, and everybody in it a possible threat; an irregular threat who is not eligible for humane treatment, and who falls outside the once-established bounds of international law and order.


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