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How the Mighty Are Fallen

How the Mighty Are Fallen
September 17
17:41 2018

Perthshire, Scotland

I haven’t written anything for a few weeks, mostly because I’ve been working on a new project. One of many, which I hope will be of use to a wide variety of people.

If this sounds vague, it’s because trying to get more than one person to agree on anything is well nigh impossible. But I will soldier on and hope by this time next year, all will be running smoothly.

Life of course, is never meant to be simple or straightforward, as we see in the trials and travails of ex members of the SNP administration.

They have been insulated from life’s troubles for years. But recently they have felt the cold wind of reality blowing up their kilts.

The chieftain of the puddin’ race himself, Alex Salmond, the self proclaimed greatest politician in Scottish history, has been accused of sexually harassment by two women who worked in the Scottish Parliament while he was First Minister up until 2014, when he resigned, due to losing the independence referendum all by himself.

He couldn’t stay out of the political limelight for long, and in 2015 was elected to the Westminster Parliament as MP for Gordon in Aberdeenshire.

Unfortunately, this was a fairly short term position, as at the surprise general election in June 2017, he was surprisingly and unceremoniously dumped out on his well upholstered backside by of all parties, the Conservatives.

He said afterwards that we hadn’t seen the last of him in UK politics. I took that to mean, he would at some point in the next few years, challenge Nicola Sturgeon for the leadership of the SNP once again.

Meanwhile he kept his public persona highly visible, with a series of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, hosting a “talk” show, featuring a variety of his cronies as guests. Crude innuendo being a prominent feature.

This was apparently quite a success despite the critics panning the show as a sad spectacle and a desperate attempt to stay in the public eye.

His next foray into the media playground was a shock to most people. He was to host a political talk show on RT, the television station formerly known as Russia Today.

Even former political colleagues were less than excited about his latest venture. But Mr Salmond has skin as thick as a rhinoceros and wasn’t phased by the criticism.

His first show was controversial and was investigated by OFCOM for showing texts apparently sent by members of public to his show, but had actually been written by his production team, headed by the ex MP and serial political party member, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

She is also his business partner in the production of the RT show, and rumour has it, a somewhat closer personal relationship. This is speculation by the media and social media, and there couldn’t possibly be any truth in this matter!

At this point, all is going relatively smoothly and despite the investigation into the fake texts, the Alex Salmond roadshow is still bowling along.

(The following, is my impression of what caused the Salmond roadshow to derail.)

That was until some rumours were circulating that he was testing the political water to see if he still had support for a possible challenge to Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership of the SNP.

This obviously would have been reported back to the Great Leader, and one can only imagine this news went down like cold fish supper in Murrell towers.

At this point, it was obvious that the SNP supporters were beginning to become disenchanted with the leadership of the party, and its seeming reluctance to call for another independence referendum.

There were good reasons for not calling for a second referendum. If it was granted by Westminster, however reluctantly, the chances of a resounding Yes vote were slim.

The polls were still showing a lead for the No side, and Mother Sturgeon wasn’t going to take a chance of losing power. If she lost a referendum, she was gone.

This, to her and her shadowy husband, Peter Murrell, the SNP chief executive, just wasn’t an option. The only way to hold onto their grip on the party and Scotland, was to keep promising the SNP Cultists that the declaration of the next independence referendum was imminent.

This keeps them believing that they are almost ready to take Scotland to the utopia of self determination, and of course complete ruin.

There were rumblings from the more aware Cultists that this strategy was wearing thin. The majority were still swallowing the bullshit as usual.

These murmurs of discontent had obviously reached both Salmond and Sturgeon, with both having different plans.

Sturgeon and Murrell had kept ammunition in reserve for such a scenario. Complaints about the sexual behaviour of Salmond when he was First Minister. This hadn’t been made public as yet, but now the time had come.

The one newspaper which would run with the story without any qualms, was the Daily Record, Scotland’s most pro Labour Party paper and a mortal enemy of Salmond and the SNP.

The Salmond story was duly leaked to Record and the shit hit the fan. Every news outlet and social media site were trumpeting the story twenty four hours a day.

The police had been informed after a long investigation by the head of the civil service in the Scottish Parliament, who had decided that the two women who had made the complaints were credible and there was a strong case to answer.

Salmond denied the accusations and immediately began legal proceedings against the Scottish government, saying that the investigation process was flawed.

Well he would, wouldn’t he?

He was launching the action to have a judicial review of the investigation challenged.

This would be costly, but Salmond was an independently wealthy man and could quite easily bear the cost, which was reckoned to be in the region of £50,000.

To everyone’s shock, he began online “crowdfunding!”

This would have two purposes. One to get money from mugs who thought the sun shone from his nether regions, and find out just how much support he still had amongst the SNP Cultists.

Within a few days he had over £100,000 despite the majority of right thinking people in Scotland. At this point, possibly embarrassed, he closed the fund, saying any money not used in his court case, would be distributed to “good causes”.

I believe his idiot supporters thought that the legal action was to clear his name, and he didn’t really try to contradict this assumption

People who apparently had very little money, had been giving him whatever they could spare.

However, this money came from around 4000 donations. Hardly the ringing endorsement he expected from his loyal Cult members.

The latest news on the sexual assault allegations, is not going to cheer him up either. The police have now opened a formal investigation into the matter and are taking witness statements. This matter is not going away.

Also, former employees of the Scottish Parliament have been talking about a culture of bullying during Salmond’s time as First Minister. Alleging his temper tantrums reduced some to tears. Union officials say they had to step in to get the code of conduct investigation process changed, to make it easier for victims of harassment to come forward.

None of this looks good for the immediate future of Alex Salmond, who I have to add, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing of any kind, while taking the Scottish government to court to complain about the “unfair” way he was investigated.

He talks about the “unfairness” of his treatment, but has said nothing about the unfairness of any type of workplace harassment.

The situation has worked out well for the SNP leadership and the Murrell’s grip on power.

They are virtually unassailable at the moment, with only the tricky job of keeping the Cultists thinking that they care more about independence than they care about staying in power.

As we know, all empires eventually crumble and fall.

This usually happens when the leadership begins to think they are untouchable and never wrong.

This lot are walking a tightrope without a safety net. Never a very wise move.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo of Salmond courtesy of XIIIfromTOKYO]


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