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The World is Our Lobster

The World is Our Lobster
November 28
19:04 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

Warning! This message is brought to you by an optimist who should really have more sense.

As far as I can tell, the world is probably not in quite as big a mess as the doom mongers would have us believe.

I say this, because I had a conversation on Twitter with a lady whose partner had given up on life, as his view of the world was that it was so bad he couldn’t do anything to make it better.

He apparently drank to excessively to block out the injustice and violence in the world that whirled around in his head and which he could do nothing about. She said, nothing she or anyone else said could make him see reason. His drinking only slowed down if he had a supply of cannabis to smoke.

From what I gathered, they lived in  separate homes, but saw each other every day. This is quite common and if it works for them, it’s fine. She loved him, but couldn’t bear to live with him and watch him slowly kill himself.

My point here is, his view of the world in which we live, was so dark and desolate, he couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, he couldn’t even see the tunnel.

It’s very easy to gradually slip into that mindset. Positivity just drains away and leaves emptiness. This has to be dealt with before it becomes unmanageable. Easier said than done, I know.

I think there are still so many things to be excited about. The first one, is wakening up in the morning and realising one is still able to do so. After realising that, everything else is a bonus.

Be thankful for what you have when you see someone trying to sleep in a shop doorway, in freezing cold weather, with nothing but a dirty old sleeping bag for warmth.

We all complain about the most trivial of problems, when other people really are needing help.

Having bombs and mortar shells landing in your streets day and night, is something to complain about. Not because you had to walk a few hundred yards in the rain.

Our lives in the so called civilised world are immensely more pleasant than being burned to death for being part of the wrong religion. Or being the wrong part of the same religion.

We moan about terrible television shows, when millions of people would be thankful for seeing the sun rise the next morning.

Our opportunities are beyond the imagination of vast numbers of people. Yet we still aren’t happy. We can get up in the morning without worrying if we will see the sun set in the evening. A whole lot of others cannot say same.

Nowadays a new car is within the reach of thousands more people than ever before. There are thousands of restaurants where we can eat almost any type of food, at any time of day or night.

Think about people who are literally fighting each other for a few grains of rice. They couldn’t imagine how relatively easy our lives have become.

And yet we complain.

We have choices. Other people have no choices. They are not in a position to do anything about their situation.

They do not want war. But they have no choice in the matter.

Billions of dollars/pounds are made at the expense of these men, women, and children who just want to make a living and be able to bring up a family without the sound of constant explosions rocking their homes, and having to listen to the screams of the dying and injured.

Not that all people in our more prosperous world have decent lives. There are many homeless men and women, teenage girls and boys, sleeping rough on our city streets. Surely an abomination in 21st century Britain, America or many other countries.

Politicians are really not interested in doing anything to help. Not many votes to be had from people of no fixed address!

Occasionally there will be some kind of “initiative”, but that’s usually a cheap publicity stunt when a political party can see it’s in trouble. Typical of the cynical political classes.

Seeing someone who could easily freeze to death, lying in a shop doorway, is just not acceptable to the majority of people. Homelessness is not something anyone would choose deliberately. People from all walks of life can find themselves in circumstances which lead to living on the streets.

We have no right to judge anyone. As my parents used to say… There, but for the grace of God, that could be you.

We are all just a few steps from living like that. Think about that. Really think hard about how that could be you, your son or your daughter.

Now imagine that scenario and add famine and endless wars. This is what has been done to millions of people all over the world. And for what? Money and power is the pathetic answer.

As a population, we especially in the UK, mostly have it easy. We have to find things to moan and complain about, but really, it’s not too bad.

So I’ll say this to some people who want to hide away from a world which they cannot change. Think about the alternatives.  You could be living in squalor in Syria.

You could be living in terror of drug gangs in Mexico.

You could be living in fear of being hacked to death by another tribe in an African nation.

Then you would have reason to want to hide away. Individually, we can’t change very much, but together almost anything is possible.

Hiding behind pulled curtains and drinking yourself into an early grave is not the answer to anything.

Wake up one morning and think just how lucky you are to be living in a country where life can flourish.

I said at the beginning of the piece, that I am an optimist who should have more sense. But as I was writing this, I realised my optimistic view wasn’t misplaced.

Wake up and be grateful.

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