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Who Is Pulling Theresa May’s Strings?

Who Is Pulling Theresa May’s Strings?
July 12
08:42 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

With the recent general election result ringing in her ears, Theresa May is struggling to find a solution to her credibility problem.

She appears to be stumbling from one disaster to another. How can a seasoned politician like her make the most basic political mistakes, like calling an election when history should have told her it was a massive error?

I believe the answer is: she isn’t actually making the decisions.

She is a stop gap Prime Minister and has no political value to the people who decide what has to be done to keep the planet going in their direction.

These people don’t care how this makes her look to the public. I imagine she will be well taken care of after her time has passed. Up to the House of Lords to pontificate over those whom she thinks inferior.

This is the reward for all the politicians who tow the line and don’t make waves for the puppet masters.

Now is the time to begin the deconstruction of the old order of the world. New World Order is the Old World Order. Do not think this present situation is some kind of recent invention.

This has been going on for decades and probably much longer.

We are constantly manipulated by a compliant media, bought and paid for, lock stock and barrel. What we’re being told by BBC news, ITV news, Fox news and all the other media outlets, is exactly what they want us to believe.

Nothing we are shown is reality. Everything is carefully honed for the easy consumption of a dumbed down population.

Education is at an all time low. Children are only being taught what the puppet masters want them to learn. A well-educated public is their worst nightmare. This is why television, which was once a great educational tool, has been reduced to “reality shows” cheap game shows and endless quizzes.

Pure mind rot for the masses.

Advertising is aimed at making people eat vast quantities of fast food and gallons of sugar filled drinks. Which they consume sitting in front of a giant flat screen television, which takes up an entire wall of the room.

All of this is to keep people “drugged” and compliant.

It also makes people unwell.

Diabetes is rife and of course, this needs to be treated. More profits for the already bloated pharmaceutical companies.

This is a win-win situation for the puppet masters. Profit and control are the name of the game.

Since a Prime Minister is being manipulated to make herself look stupid, it follows that nothing is beyond these people.

There is, however, the possibility that their plans are going to be spoiled or even derailed.

They are losing the information battle to the one thing they thought would be their ace in the hole. The internet!

Like-minded people are being linked together in ways which couldn’t have been possible even a decade ago.

This is the time of huge change. Time to put pressure on the very people who have been trying to dangle the world on strings.

The fightback is on and is rolling ever faster toward the puppet masters. This is the opportunity to cut the strings and see what has been hidden from sight for generations.

Technology which will revolutionise health care and transport.

Technology which has been kept away from the public because of its impact on the profits of the multinational corporations, which want to keep us in their thrall forever.

Wake up to the possibility of real freedom.

Wake up and resist the globalist puppet masters.


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo of Theresa May courtesy of Chatham House; Wikimedia Commons]


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