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SNP: More Than Just A Threat To Scotland

SNP: More Than Just A Threat To Scotland
June 06
14:09 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

Today, a direct threat, in fact an attempt to have someone dismissed from their place of employment, because their political views are anti-independence and anti-SNP.

This has now been handed over to Police Scotland to be investigated. The person who has been targeted in this disgraceful fashion is now in fear of going to their work because of the fear of intimidation and violence.

It is hard to believe that this is Scotland in the twenty-first century and not of some one-party state like Russia or Zimbabwe. Scotland is a democracy and all political views should be not only tolerated, but accepted as part of a democratic process.

The bully boys and girls of the Scottish National Party are obviously rattled by the prospect of losing seats, and more importantly, losing face to other parties in the general election on Thursday.

This behaviour is overlooked and allowed by the SNP at the highest level. Yes, I mean you Ms Sturgeon!

I have seen for myself the vile comments made not only by supporters of the SNP, buy also by their own MP’s and MSP’s.

No blow is too low for some of these thugs, and all in the name of Nationalism!

I have also had threats made to me in the past, but nothing as serious as trying to have someone sacked from their job.

The most frightening aspect of this attack, is that these disgusting creatures have obviously managed to get details of people’s home addresses as well as places of work. No one should be living in fear for having opposing political views to the ruling party in a democratic country.

Examples have to be made, to let the hierarchy of the SNP know that this unlawful behaviour will not tolerated in any shape or form.

There is a wide vein of poison running through the SNP. It has always been there but in recent years it has become more bold and unafraid, because they have realised that nothing will happen to them.

They have had total immunity from the consequences of their vile behaviour.

This has to change, in order to stop this before some poor soul who supports a rival political party gets badly injured or killed by these mindless thugs. I doubt if they would care if they drove a person to self harm! It would probably be a victory for their warped actions.

If this is the level of abuse at a general election, can you imagine what would be happening if a second independence referendum were to take place?

It doesn’t bear thinking about!

It is little wonder that there is a growing majority of Scottish people who do not want another referendum.

The SNP have no other policies other than the insane urge for independence from the rest of the UK and to split up Scotland along the lines of Northern Ireland and bring sectarianism into the equation.

This is an incredibly dangerous path to go down, even for the rancorous cretins of the SNP and their deluded rabble of knuckle dragging psychopaths they call supporters.

Angry? You bet I’m angry!

My views on the SNP have not always been as ugly. I’ve tried being humorous and cutting, but in the last few days my tether has come to an end. This kind of blind obedience to the party has become vicious and dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong. I have debated with some very pleasant and seemingly rational SNP supporters, but in the main, the attitude is:

“If you aren’t with us, you’re against us. And we know where you live!”

This is intolerable in a decent and democratic country.

Have they not realised that if it wasn’t for the democratic process, they wouldn’t be in this position now?

I don’t know what Thursday’s election will bring, but I hope it is a huge shock to the SNP’s smugness and sense of entitlement.

It’s time to clear the stables and dump the political horseshit once and for all!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Scottish referendum poster photo courtesy of Connie Ma; Wikimedia Commons]


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  1. phildoherty49
    phildoherty49 June 07, 09:25

    Well said and very true… anyone who has opposed the Snats are constantly harassed, their livelihoods threatened and vile hate campaigns launched against them by the lunatic wing of the SNP.
    Now, not all SNP voters are like hat – as you stated – I’ve had perfectly sensible debates with many but there is a darker side to Scottish nationalism, a fanatical side that brooks no opposition to its viewpoint.

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