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Pollution & the Green Revolution

Pollution & the Green Revolution
February 17
20:38 2017

Perthsire, Scotland

As I wander along crowded city streets, I realise I am having to look through a blue haze of diesel fumes emanating from lines of buses, with very few passengers aboard.

At the same time, I see posters for “Green initiatives,” paid for by the same councils who allow these stinking dirty poisonous mass transit vehicles to clog up the streets with horrible fumes and dreadful noise!

In general, these monstrosities are driven by semi-psychotic morons, who appear to think they have to have the entire road width to themselves!

They, along with similarly sociopathic taxi drivers think they have a divine right to pull out in front of lesser beings, in the shape of ordinary motorists.

The sheer rudeness of these people is breathtakingly astonishing!

They might be affected by the pollution they have to inhale on a daily basis, but the attitude of self entitlement is unbelievable.

Now, we are all told how cars are polluting the planet, and have literally driven off the roads.

The majority of people are driving diesel engined cars because of government incompetence and a slavish desire to please the huge oil multinational corporations.

I predicted years ago, the dangers of promoting diesel vehicles, but money will always prevail over public health.

Of course, we are now being told that owning and driving a diesel vehicle is tantamount to being liable for hundreds of deaths of children every day of the year!

In Scotland, the SNP government have a very unhealthy interest in all parts of our lives, but none more so than in the so called green revolution.

Ludicrous useless “wind” turbines are being erected all over the beautiful Scottish landscape. Doing nothing other than make the developers and the land owners rich from the huge financial subsidies needed to get the damn things erected in the first place!

The government wants to promote Scotland as an international tourist destination because of the amazing scenery and wildlife, but that’s not much use if some of the finest natural views in the world are blighted by these enormous loss making windmills.

I’m not against sustainable energy development, but surely a blind person can see the sheer stupidity of these monstrous erections.

Yes, I mean the politicians and the wind turbines!

Meanwhile, here in the “dear green place,” which is losing its greenness to the filthy black fumes coming from the buses, there is apparently no attempt to make these vehicles more “eco friendly.”

I know that some bus companies are experimenting with diesel electric hybrid types of vehicles, but from what I’ve observed, there is little difference in the pollution. Mostly because the hybrid will not work effectively and efficiently at low stop start speeds.

One would imagine that in this day and age, there would be completely pollution free public transport. I can only think that profit is being put before public health as usual.

We will hear the “the technology is available, but at the moment it is too expensive.”

This is code for “we value our shareholders over absolutely everything else.”

Two of the most polluted streets in Britain, and possibly Europe, are in Scotland.

One in the beautiful wee city of Perth. And the other in the now fading green of our largest city, Glasgow.

To be on foot on either of these streets is taking one’s life in one’s hands, or lungs.

There is a feeling of the chest tightening as the lines of buses sit spewing out filth, while queuing at traffic lights. Clothes stink to high heaven upon return from these places.

Is this the image of Scotland the government wants to portray to the thousands of people who will visit the country throughout the year?

Stepping out of the train station into a blue haze which wouldn’t look out of place in downtown Shanghai, is not a very pleasant welcome for those visiting these shores.

The only way to get something done, is to boycott all above ground city centre transport. Buses, taxis etcetera, until city councils take these disgusting health hazards off the streets.

If they cared about the health of their citizens and visitors, they would invest heavily in solar power. This is the future for public health and public transport.

Parts of our beautiful cities look and smell like something from the industrial revolution! This is unacceptable in 21st century Scotland!

Councils can shove their “green initiatives” where they cannot be seen, until they can provide clean transport.

Because unless they do that, Scotland is going to be regarded by tourists as a beautiful place, spoiled by idiots who would rather piddle around with endless variations on household waste (bin) collection than really make a huge change which would benefit citizens and visitors alike.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Air quality station in Scotland, David Monniaux, Wikimedia Commons]


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