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HS2: A Journey Too Far

HS2: A Journey Too Far
December 06
15:17 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a work of such breathtaking governmental arrogance, that words can hardly describe the revulsion people feel for this gigantic folly!

Homes which have been lived in for decades will be bulldozed to make way for a rail scheme which may take 25/30 minutes off a journey from London to Birmingham or eventually Manchester.

credit: Cnbrb

credit: Cnbrb

To spend tens of billions of pounds on something which isn’t time travel, is quite insane! If they said they were giving billions of pounds to education and health, both mental and physical, I would applaud the spending, but this is just completely unnecessary.

This is only to line the pockets of companies which donate large amounts to whatever government is in charge. This is their reward for what is basically bribery!

HS2 is something which will swallow billions more pounds than is estimated. These massive legacy projects always cost far more than government figures show. This will be no exception. In fact I predict that this will be the most over budget government project in history, if it goes ahead.

We have already seen promises broken concerning compensation for the compulsory purchase of private property, to make way for this nonsense. When new housing developments were being planned and built, they weren’t told that a mere four years later, they would have to be demolished.

I’ve seen statements from the weasely Chris Grayling, Minister for Misery, saying how he feels distraught at the proposed demolition of hundreds of family homes. Easy for him to say. It’s not his palatial mansion which is being reduced to rubble.

Already, one Conservative MP has sold his house to the government, while telling his constituency, he is fighting to keep the rail project away from the area. Hmm, how strange. One would almost think he had inside information!

This kind of chicanery is typical of politicians. Saying one thing, while doing the opposite. They have no shame whatsoever. They can stoop lower than a snake’s testicles!

There will be one scandal after another, as far as this vanity project is complete, but I believe negative public opinion just might see it shelved for a long time. People are sick and tired of watching governments spending huge sums on things which will only benefit already vastly wealthy businessmen and themselves.

The time is right to stand up to the craven stupidity of our elected representatives. They are our servants. Not the other way around. They really need to understand that reality.

It’s all soundbites and bullshit as far as politicians’ promises are concerned. If they cannot be trusted with the simple job of buying a pen, without charging it to expenses, how can we trust them with billions of pounds?

There are many kinds of political grandstanding. The “Millennium Dome” being a particularly heinous example of the type. This was to be Tony Blair’s great legacy to mark the millennium. Huge amounts of tax funded money was spent on something which wasn’t needed and wasn’t even an architectural design!

It was an empty dome, which is now used, successfully, as a concert venue. There had been no forward planning, and it was a fingers crossed and hope for the best by Peter, now Lord Mandelson!

Back at the money pit, which will be HS2, the problem is that in order for this to work, there will have to be casualties. And as usual, the casualties will be the innocent, who would never gain from this enterprise. They have to suffer for what they are being told is the greater good.

This of course is as I said earlier, complete nonsense. For anyone to have to watch their family home being flattened in the name of progress, no matter the financial compensation, is just heartbreaking and plainly wrong!

These politicians play with people’s lives as if they are just pieces in a game, and have no idea of the misery they cause!

HS2 should be scrapped, and the billions spent on things which matter to the public. And not what will make money for the friends of political parties!

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[HS2 network plan diagram courtesy of Cnbrb; Stop HS2 photo courtesy of mattbuck; both images from Wikimedia Commons]


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