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Social Media & Common Sense?

Social Media & Common Sense?
November 16
15:57 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

It must be around five years ago when I first dipped my toe cautiously into the unknown and turbulent waters of Twitter.

For me, it took some time to find my way round the “rules” which seemed to change depending on to whom I was talking. But the main point was, I always thanked people who followed me, or starred and  retweeted my tweets. I remain true to that message to this day.


credit: JNL

Being polite is not difficult. It only takes a few seconds to do and most people appear grateful for the gesture. Occasionally someone will write back with the suspicion that this must be some kind of confidence trick!

And that’s fine. As there are so many people out in the ether, who will be out to cause harm or upset, just because they can.

There are also people who are looking for personal details and information, with which to gain access to your twitter  account, email or bank account. So be wary but polite!

I started with the same amount of followers as everyone else. None! This is depressing at first, but it soon becomes a challenge to see if the real ‘you’ can gain trust and friendship, so gather more followers.

The mean spirited amongst the public have their own agenda. Mostly trying to hurt anyone who they regard as being better looking than them. Happier than them. Better off financially than them and finally, funnier than these insecure hateful little creatures.

The worst of the human race seem to gather together with the single aim of making everyone they come in contact with, as miserable and twisted as they are! I know we are all different, but surely the people who are only on social media to be horrible, can see that what they do is wrong. Or maybe they can’t, and that’s really worrying!

There are many different reasons and areas for their being unpleasant.

Sport is one area where tolerance is nowhere to be seen. Politics is a law unto itself when it comes to abuse of the worst kind.

Nothing is too vile for these disgusting people. They pick on anyone who has a different philosophy to theirs. They hate criticism and can’t deal with anyone who embraces a different lifestyle than them.

The recent elections and referenda on Scottish independence and the EU, the change of Prime Minister plus the momentous presidential election in the USA, have given these poisonous morons a field day! They stoop as low as possible and don’t care what damage they do to their victims.

Neither side in any of the above mentioned votes, can say they didn’t get their hands dirty! All sides were to blame for some of the worst abuse of fellow humans beings, I have witnessed! Nothing was out of bounds to these toads! Now they are goading people into violence after the surprise election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

So, after the Scottish independence referendum, we still have division and the same people are still hurling insults at each other! This will never stop even if there is another referendum, God help us!

The same can be said for the EU referendum. The ‘yes we can’ idiots are still wrestling verbally with the ‘no you can’t’ morons.

Labour and Conservative MPs sling mud at each other because they always have, despite being pretty much the same type of people. Lying scumbags!

And I expect the Republican and Democratic parties will be doing much the same thing. Or maybe, just maybe, they will be working together to rid the world of the evil threat of Trumpism!

No matter what, as long as social media is around it will attract some of the worst idiots on the planet, and of course some of the very best!

It should balance out, and if it doesn’t, go and take a long jump off a short pier!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Social Media header image courtesy of Julia netaffinity, Wikimedia Commons; Internet troll image courtesy of JNL, Wikimedia Commons]

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