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EU In or EU Out?

EU In or EU Out?
June 11
14:30 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

The main news programmes on television and radio are being taken over by the ever increasing lies and propaganda from both sides of the EU referendum debate!

This makes the daily kindergarten nonsense of the House of Commons, sound like reasoned argument.


credit: valeriy osipov

The Conservative party is divided on the issue and is arguing among themselves. The Labour party is led by Jeremy Corbyn, the most ineffectual leader since Michael Foot. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t seem to know what he should be saying, so he really says nothing when he should be taking a lead role in the debate.

David Cameron, the Prime minister, is getting increasingly frazzled and makes more and more bizarre statements by the day. “Expect world war if we vote to leave the EU!” And similar nonsense.

His main rivals in this Euro-mess are his “friends” Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. They are fervently anti-EU and can see the fear in Cameron’s eyes as he realises that he is in a likely losing position.

Boris Johnson is the ex Mayor of London and is regarded by many as a bit of a buffoon. He’s very good at portraying this self-manufactured image, but he’s a typical politician underneath the bluster and bollocks. And a very ambitious man.

Michael Gove is an ex-journalist and is a much more smooth political operator than Boris Johnson, but is equally ambitious. He is backed up by his extremely ambitious wife, Sarah Vine, who writes for the right leaning Daily Mail newspaper. She definitely sees herself living in 10 Downing Street, home of all British Prime ministers.

Both sides claim their opposing views are the truth, so someone is lying. Actually, they are all lying in one way or another.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, politicians will always lie in any situation. They just can’t be straightforward. Now, if a politician asks you or I to trust them on an issue, they seem surprised when we tell them where to stick their request! This is becoming a major problem for politicians worldwide.

The lying is the main problem with the EU referendum debate. The more desperate the pleas, the less we believe them. Apparently the sky will fall in if we vote to leave. Plagues of locusts will strip crops, and rats the size of alligators will roam the streets, running off with small children. Gangs of Romanian vampires will hide in the shadows to pounce on the unwary at night.

Worst of all is the possibility of house prices falling. This would be the ultimate horror!

All this scaremongering is doing is driving people into the welcoming arms of the Leave campaign. Of course they have a completely different and opposite view of the consequences of getting out of the EU.

Britain will be a land of milk and honey. The millions or billions or even trillions of pounds/euros saved by leaving, would make this country a veritable paradise. The NHS (National Health Service) will be saved from bankruptcy. We’ll be time travelling back to 1954 with long hot summers, barefoot urchins playing in the streets, and cosy family Christmases by a crackling log fire.

This of course is as ludicrous as the Remain campaign’s fantasies of what would follow an exit from the EU.

In a similar way to the independence referendum in Scotland, politicians of different parties are again standing on platforms together on both sides of the argument. The SNP is now siding with David Cameron in wanting to stay in Europe. I think this is one of the most bizarre situations I’ve seen in a long time.

Nichola Sturgeon must be twisting inside at the thought of having to agree with David Cameron. This is where politicians are really all the same. They would sell their souls, never mind their political convictions, to stay on the EU gravy train. When it comes to self preservation, their true colours emerge.

The same applies to the exit campaign. The sheer naked ambition and general greed is also fueling them. They can see that if the vote is to leave the EU, then they will inherit the Earth, well, at least the basket case which is Britain.


credit: Dominique

David Cameron will resign if the vote goes against him. Boris Johnson will assume he will be the next leader of the Conservative party and Prime minister, except that the sneaky Michael Gove will have been garnering support for himself and will split the party again in a nasty fight for the leadership.

The Labour party will be in an equally horrible mess because Jeremy Corbyn can’t seem to take a position on anything except which biscuits he should have with his morning cup of tea.

There are many people lining up to take his job, but I doubt if anyone including himself, would notice if he no longer had the job.

It’s all ridiculous. Left supporting right. Socialists supporting the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and it’s leader, Nigel Farage, a self-proclaimed straight talker and man of the people!

Actually, he’s as twisted as the rest of the lying crew and has made a lot of money as an MEP. (Member of the European Parliament) While at the same time attacking the parliament because of alleged corruption. Nice work if you can get it!

The ever more shaky looking Nichola Sturgeon wanting the same outcome as David Cameron. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, looking for another buffalo to clumsily straddle for publicity purposes. Some squeaking from the smaller political parties but no one is listening to them.

None of these people have the public’s best interests in mind. Only their own. Left Right or Centre, they’re looking at what is in it for them.

This referendum will damage all political parties and could split the Conservative party asunder. It is possible that after the next general election, there could be another coalition government. Possibly not a bad thing.

Labour are completely rudderless and I don’t think they will govern the country again for many years unless they can find a decent leader who doesn’t have his head in the sand.

Public opinion seems to suggest that the exit campaign is ahead, but not by much. Whatever happens, it will be the public who will suffer as usual, and not the lying scheming sleazy politicians!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo from Wikimedia Commons, user Chatham House; Cameron with fuel pistol from Wikimedia Commons; Mayor BoJo caricature from Wikimedia Commons]


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