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Dicks & Dictators & the Casualties of Greed

Dicks & Dictators & the Casualties of Greed
November 24
21:51 2015

Perthshire, Scotland

A few months ago we heard the news that over seventy men, women, and children had been found suffocated in an abandoned truck in Austria. They were reported to be Syrian refugees who had been travelling from Hungary illegally, to try and start a new life in Europe. They are casualties of greed!

This was just the beginning of the current massive influx of refugees/migrants we see daily on every news channel.


credit: Frankie Fouganthin

Hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced from not only their homes and towns, but also their countries.
Thousands more are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as they try to escape from war and poverty in Syria. Or so we are told!

Many of the people are indeed from Syria but many more are from Pakistan and Afghanistan. This has been played down by the mainstream media. How does anyone know who is a genuine refugee and who has mass murder in mind?

We know that many who want to stay in Europe destroy their passports and identification to make it very difficult or impossible to prove where they originated. There is nothing to stop the terrorists from mixing in with genuine people in need of a new and safe life! Unfortunately this makes all of these people suspects and open to abuse and mindless violence. But as always, the evil tarnish the innocent.

So far this has proved impossible to police and is, I suppose, is an argument for countries across Europe closing their borders. But as we know, even doing that only really affects the innocent. The terrorists will always find a way to get round security of any kind.

European governments have spent more time hand wringing over whether they could be breaching human rights laws, than actually doing anything positive about the obvious and serious nature of the migrant situation.

The greatest danger of allowing mass migration from the Middle East and parts of Asia, has been shown in the recent horror in Paris. The leader of the attack is now know to have travelled from Syria to Europe, hiding amid the refugees, not once but twice without any problems!

Let me take you back to the late 1990’s for a while. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, there was worldwide condemnation of this blatant act of aggression, and rightly so. Saddam’s army was forced back into Iraq by the coalition of Western and Arab allies.

The American President, George Bush Senior, felt that because they didn’t pursue Saddam’s army back to Baghdad and destroy them completely, he had somehow failed to deal with the threat he felt Saddam Hussein posed to the stability of the region. This was an itch which right wing US politicians couldn’t wait to find an excuse to scratch again!

Scroll forward to September 2001 and the Twin Towers atrocity. This obscene act of mass murder was carried out by Saudi Arabian nationals, with planning and funding by Saudi Arabia. This was known at an early stage in the “investigation” but was ignored by both Washington and London.

For reasons of their own, President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, decided that an invasion and all out war on Iraq and Afghanistan was what was needed.


Carlos Latuff, 2004

This pair of self serving, grinning criminals, aided by equally unpleasant greedy slimy cohorts, backed by multi national corporations, took to the airwaves to lie through their gleaming white teeth, that the September atrocity in New York was orchestrated by one country which was closer to the Stone Age than to modern life and the other, which was ruled by a strutting mustachioed tinpot dictator!

Given the horror of New York, the public, having been shown “evidence” of who was to blame, and blatantly being told complete lies to make the case for war, accepted almost without question, the need to smash these evil regimes.

Of course we know now that absolutely no plans were in place to deal with the aftermath of the very one-sided conflict.

I remember thinking that it was strange that a lot of the pre-invasion rhetoric was how the coalition would bring all the utilities up to modern standards and make the lives of the newly “freed” population as good as the those of us in the west!

But the reason the country was in a mess was because of sanctions imposed by the US and European countries.

This modernisation didn’t happen, mostly because the coalition bombed the living shit out of all power stations and the rest of the infrastructure. Then, just compounding the stupidity, they sacked all the government workers who knew how to run the country!

The coalition, in one of the greatest acts of bovine stupidity, had created the perfect breeding ground for the different factions and tribes to attempt to annihilate each other in one of the worst bloody civil wars in history. It also allowed terrorists to recruit thousands of willing recruits to their various bloodthirsty armies!

This was the birthplace of most of the current massive influx of refugees from the Middle East.

The coalition had been told that the reason Iraq actually worked as a country, was the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, but they in their ignorance of the region, imagined they could bring democracy to the country. This shows the sheer ignorance and bloody-minded arrogance of the Bush/Blair alliance.

Some years later, along comes the so called Arab Spring. This was another huge miscalculation by the idiots we pay to make decisions in our name.

There was general hand rubbing at the prospect of more “democracy” and of course, more huge profits for oil companies and the rest of the parasites who feed from the corpses of the countries destroyed.

I said at the time that no good could possibly come from encouraging people to overthrow the existing dictatorships.
Hadn’t they learned one damn thing from the complete bloody shambles in Iraq? Obviously not, as we witnessed in Libya, which has no effective government and is now reduced to a shell from a prosperous and working economy!

As this “Spring” surged along North Africa, the results were equally shambolic and violent. It was obvious that the terrorists were moving into the vacuums which the “Spring” had produced.

In Libya, the British government sent special forces into the east of the country to advise and fight with ISIS terrorists! This insanity is why the world is now facing the prospect of multi-country terrorist attacks!

When the “Spring” limped into Syria, the seeds of destruction had already been sown and grew strongly. Of course, instead of saying, these monsters must be stopped, the British government actively backed them to attempt to overthrow the Assad regime!

I mean, you couldn’t write this scenario and not be told it was impossible and ridiculous! How could any civilised society be helping and encouraging this murderous bunch of thugs?

Truth is always stranger than fiction!

Now, it’s all hands to the pumps to stop European cities being attacked by the same people they helped fund and train!

One last piece of insanity to mention.

European open borders. As the enormous number of refugees began to arrive on European borders, I asked, how can they tell who is who they say they are?

Oh, said government, there will be stringent checks on each and every one of these poor displaced people. This was total bollocks of course, and as we know today, at least two were intent on causing mayhem and murder.

How many more have slipped through the stringent checks? Sadly this will only be found out when the next atrocity takes place.

In conclusion, dictators are vital to keep some countries from the bloody shambles in which Iraq and Libya have found themselves. Whether the dicks who govern us will remember this simple fact, is open to debate, but as they never learn from even recent history, I doubt it!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of refugees from Mstyslav Chernov;

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