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Aleister Crowley Smiles As the Huffington Post Endorses College Campus Butt S*x

Aleister Crowley Smiles As the Huffington Post Endorses College Campus Butt S*x
March 20
16:19 2014

[Author’s note: while Dear Dirty America hardly ever censors itself, it did with this article, as you can see the asterisk in the title, because almost half of DDA’s readership comes out of North Korea. There is a tight moral line there, and this publication does not wish to cross into the dark side of the ruler. While most news sites and blogs are blocked in the pariah country, DDA is allowed past their towering firewalls because of its “constant attention to serious matters about dystopic America”.

While the North Koreans are not generous in their donations to the website (times are tough), we do appreciate their readership.]

Huffington Post ran an insightful news piece about how anal sex is all the rage on college campuses. Young people are trying it more than ever before, according to a few shaky statistics. Men seem most curious about it. Women, at least a fair percentage of them, are willing to give it a shot. But don’t do it with a stranger, the author of a college paper warns, because butt s*x is meant for comfortable, intimate situations. Otherwise you could suffer rectal tearing and deadly bacterial infections.

Here’s how HuffPo examined it:

Though anal sex remains a taboo topic on college campuses, students are warming up to the idea of incorporating the “back door” into their sex lives. HuffPost Live spoke with three college sex columnists to learn about the latest rage on campuses across the country, who are suggesting more people give it a shot.

O! we’re so liberal. We’re so free. I marvel in the ways the youth express their individuality. And the way the mainstream media examines it in hi-def like it’s a shiny block of gold rather than a dried, crumbly turd.

Distracting folks from the bad news is a difficult job. But the HPost‘s owner, AOL, has it down to a science. Let’s forget, every day, about this nation’s ongoing and deepening struggle with poverty, falling wages, increasing student debt, and continual extraction of our wealth into the global coffers of multinational banks and corporations who are cleaning up with the help of our elected officials in Washington.

Let’s hammer out a new ‘nipple slip’ article every day. Throw in seven brand new sex tips on how to make your man vomit with pleasure. And finish off the news cycle with Kim Kardashian’s otherworldly mirror shot that shows her midget arms and legs looking fitter and tanner than ever.

I could be wrong. Those subjects might be important and not actually a distraction. Anal intercourse is nothing to sneeze at, after all.  And there are dangerous consequences if you sneeze during it. Like a perforated colon. But that’s rare.

Experts and amateur thinkers alike have noted the power of magic that is unleashed and, sometimes, harnessed through anal penetration. It is more than just a dirty ride, whether college students know it or not.

Crowley_GoetiaSome claim a ‘dark astral vortex’ is opened. Others say it ‘blocks the natural flow of energy through the chakras’. Enthusiasts say it is ‘extremely cathartic’. Conservative politicians say it’s a ‘loaded secret’. Pat Robertson says it’s a disastrous act that will challenge a whole generation of sphincters from doing their God-intended jobs, which is holding in feces until one can find a toilet.

Instead of enjoying sex and incrementally moving onto higher mental and intellectual pursuits, like calling the president a used car salesman for the global elite who are trying to eliminate the US borders to lower workers’ wages and have unlimited access to our natural resources, as well as regulate the Internet, maybe there really is justification in plunging deeper into the physical urges and letting the base pleasures of the flesh consume you.

Aleister Crowley would not disapprove. He combined mental, physical, and spiritual in such a way as to make most people uneasy. In fact, all the young men he initiated were probably very uneasy, especially before and during their personal induction into Crowley’s world. Ascendancy into a higher realm is not painless. Spirituality is not without messiness.

Peter Koenig, in Spermo-Gnostics, writes that in Crowley’s OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), the “XIth degree, the mostly homosexual degree, one identifies oneself with an ejaculating penis.”

That is not uncomfortable for our modern audience. As the unemployment rate continues to grow and families are forced out of their homes because of shrinking hours at work, higher health care premiums, and lost jobs, there is a certain relief in knowing you’ve still got a personal sexual outlet by which to entertain yourself once or more a day. Nobody can take that from you. Not even the United Nations. But what if you could translate that into a spiritual commitment? That’s what Crowley wanted.

Koenig takes it further. “The blood (or excrements) from anal intercourse attracts the spirits/demons while the sperm keeps them alive.”

This is where it gets uncomfortable. Especially for college students. No young man wants to think about hellraisers and evil spirits while he holds his half-full keg cup of warm beer, and works to lubricate his member with his left hand while his ‘new friend’ from the party downstairs awaits, bent over and nervous, for what she knows will be a painful loosening. Yet, she hopes to find escape from the modern world in the stimulation of foreign nerves in her yet undisturbed corridor, populated mostly by harmful bacteria that are normally only flushed or buried.

Her partner, her new friend, who is not completely steady on his feet because of the swaying effects of drink, is not thinking quite so hard about it. He’s imagining a ‘tighter fit’ and a ‘good story’ for his buddies who will, undoubtedly, have stories of their own.

And somewhere in a low energy, dark matter realm in the layered astral world Aleister Crowley smiles. For another jolt of vitality has rippled through. Another initiate. It’s like one more shot of wheatgrass juice for a health junkie who was feeling just a little sluggish that day.

Connected, all of us, we are, by the same great vortex of energy. Our collective consciousness hemmed and hewn by what the majority of its individual components are mostly thinking about, imagining, and indulging in.

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  1. Light Raker
    Light Raker March 24, 19:30

    There’s something inherently wrong with a culture that discards human bodies as refuse-whether by tacitly approving the binge drunken sex antics of college millennials as something “newsworthy” or by debating the “appropriateness” of hospitals in the UK incinerating the remains of babies as trash. The more undignified we become the more we lose our freedom, our person-hood, ourselves. Welcome to the New Age.

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