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Mainstream Media Normalizing Society to Google Glass & Coming Technology

    Mainstream Media Normalizing Society to Google Glass & Coming Technology

Google Glass is being written about in the nation’s major newspapers constantly. It’s a push to normalize this technology and get us all adapted as quickly as possible. If you

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Overloading the NSA’s Data Center With Shoddy Blog Posts

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles When the NSA’s data center overloads, it might look something like this Why do you write so much? Couldn’t some of those ideas be boiled

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NSA Prism Data Mining, or Joyfully Interacting With the Telescreen

(see video about Verizon & Prism scandals below)It’s like Americans are living in a North Korean Disneyland. There are rumors that the charming staff might be out to harm us,

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1984 Is Here, Except We Like It & Call It Google

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Google admits it harbors within its databases everything you’ve ever done online. They call it efficiency and sensibility, and bringing relevancy to your information seeking.

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