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Signing Off On Angels: Nelson Mandela Tribute Marred by Interpreter’s Vivid Hallucinations

Signing Off On Angels: Nelson Mandela Tribute Marred by Interpreter’s Vivid Hallucinations
December 13
13:55 2013

If you’re deaf and still stewing about Thamsanqa Jantjie’s incomprehensible sign language during Obama’s speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, I can give you an overall summary of the thing. I watched, bleary-eyed and incredulous, while the president delivered from his notebook another knockout world speech.

The man hired to interpret President Obama’s speech to a deaf audience was slammed with such a heavy vision, he bungled the English Sign Language in front of millions and butchered any hopes of becoming a prominent global interpreter.

You don’t need to be able to hear properly to witness that chilled look in the president’s eyes as he glances up between phrases. He’s biding his time. Doing his handlers’ bidding. For that he shall never want. And it won’t be for another decade before America realizes to what extent he’s sold it to the highest global bidders. For now, there is very little opposition. You don’t have to hear his words to know this. Every time the perfect puppet president speaks, watch the people slam their palms together as easily as a fly rubs and rolls its front legs after it zigzags over a fresh dog turd.

“This is pretty damn good,” Obama must have been thinking while he glanced down at the paper and read his Mandela speech aloud to the cheering audience. “We really outdid ourselves with this one,” he might have thought of his writers. “I’m the most powerful man in the world. I can say what I want. And it doesn’t have to correlate to any of my policies or actions.”

And the president, as you without hearing might have noticed, relished each syllable. With the proper amount of attention, you could almost see the lower energies swirling up his backbone and into his head. If you could hear, you might have hung on every archetypal, but valueless word, rather than pay attention to the full spectrum of body and spirit language.

The president was fully aroused, no doubt. It becomes apparent at 5.05 in the video. In the minute afterward he struggled to keep the blood in his brain and a focus on the task at hand. At around 8.00, the president almost certainly fought through a gripping hands-free climax that could have derailed lesser modern day world leaders. The cameras cut away for a few seconds while the president composed himself.

It didn’t take him long. He’s given many major, leg-tingling speeches before. This one will not be the last, but it will be one of his more memorable I am sure.

As for Thamsanqa Jantjie’s muddled signing, it’s hard to blame him. He suffered from an hallucination and saw angels enter the stadium. He might not have been imagining things. Obama was, after all, stirring energy pools between this world and the next (this is why our global business elite rulers elect him), so who knows what dark matter manifestations were tearing through from the next dimension.

Yet some African pauper throwing out hand signals saw it. But we call him the dangerous one. The idiot. The imbecile. I say the boy’s got a gift. There’s a chance he sees reality more clearly than we do. But all the major news outlets can think to say is, What if he’d become belligerent while standing so near the president?

Jantjie says he’s had many hallucinations, and at times they make him go berserk the fear increases. He physically fights with what he’s imagining. How many times have you become violent, an interviewer asked him. “Lots,” he said.

Naturally, in retrospect, folks cringe to think this man stood three feet from our leader. What if he’d gone crazy and started swinging his fists and sucker-punched the president. The president is not skilled at hand-to-hand combat. He’s more of a strike-and-run kind of president.

Just imagine the ugly scene broadcast worldwide. Obama’s split lip pouring blood. His hand held over his face. What a blow from the man who’d been entrusted to interpret the president’s words into sign language.

Meanwhile, the secret service agents would hop onto Jantjie and dry Tase him by jabbing the metal spikes into the befuddled interpreter’s jugular vein and pumping electricity into his central nervous system.

It is said high voltage can arouse a man. It has also been speculated that some security officers and policemen will take that as a sign of resistance and keep Tasing their victim. So while the president’s would have been coming down from his high, the rogue signer’s would have begun to firm up.

But there is a more common bond between the two men. Both have delusions great and small that end in savage outbursts. Like when Obama imagines he sees terrorists nested in tents filled with workers eating a meal after a long day, he sets up a predator drone strike. Or when his administration gets notification of a  terrorist convoy on the move and a Hellfire missile attack kills 15, but it turns out it’s a wedding caravan filled with celebrating people.

This is called aspiring for peace through violence. Making the hard decisions. Which is really not so hard because the strikes happen often enough to calculate, conservatively, that 4700 civilians have died to take out 23 major Al Qaida leaders. These might be called minor delusions. Simple misunderstandings, even. Nothing close to the magnitude of witnessing angels jostling for air space above the seats in the stadium. When you see that, it’s called psychosis. It’s worth headlines across America.

So, I’m sorry if you’re deaf and felt you didn’t get the full experience because the interpreter was bug-eyed and on a spiritual trip. I’d recommend you watch the president’s eyes and facial expressions, and really see the trip that he’s on as he looks upward through his eye sockets at the groveling masses stuffed into a sports stadium and pretends, for almost 20 minutes, that he’s a believer in equality and the perseverance of peace.

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