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Los Angeles Pygmalion Creates Perfect Woman

Los Angeles Pygmalion Creates Perfect Woman
September 01
21:22 2013

Pygmalion lives. Galatea has been crafted. Kind of. Although the story is less magical than Ovid’s tale. [The video is below]

Plastic surgeon David Matlock gave Veronica the perfect body through hours of careful, risky procedure. If she wasn’t much to look at before, she sure is now.

He shaped her buttocks, sculpted her breasts, and rejuvenated her vagina with a laser. Vaginal rejuvenation is a gamble as many difficulties may arise. Infection. Adhesions. Scarring. Even altered sensation. Whatever that means. Possibly when the vagina is massaged into orgasm the woman gets the taste of green beans in her mouth instead of the usual waves of pleasure. Or maybe she feels the unbearable heat of a fire’s flames licking at her thighs. Aesthetic vaginal surgeries are a risk. You can imagine any number of nightmare scenarios.

Meanwhile, David Pygmalion Matlock tightened her stomach, her arms, her thighs, her neck. All of this is sure to hold firm except on those hot Los Angeles summer days with too much relentless sun and too high humidity, when the folds start to loosen and the tucking comes untucked.

Yet, Matlock claims he’s crafted his version of the perfect female. Except, as he’ll soon find out, he forgot that he couldn’t alter her brain. Any human being who is superficial enough to let a plastic surgeon reshape her entire body cannot be good company for long. Although, she might be a fit for our Los Angeles vagina sculptor.

The good doctor might notice, however, that he cannot make her more like himself in spirit and disposition. No amount of tucking, trimming, or electrical enhancement will seem to fire up more than a few good ideas in the hunk of meat in her cranium. A hunk of meat, let me remind you, that cannot be tampered with.

Soon, Matlock will grow tired of his wife’s flesh and plastic body. Soon the curves and contours he so delicately carved will be tiresome, as they will become too perfectly familiar. His hands will long for the squishy folds of fat. Any little imperfection will do! he’ll think one desperate Saturday afternoon.

A meatier vagina. Tits just less than a heavy handful, and hanging ever so slightly. Hell, even a few wrinkles around the eyes would help. A stomach with a little extra cushion. Or a butt that sags rather than seems always to be pushed upright by a pair of ghostly hands. Any goddamned thing! he’ll scream, to let me know she’s human.

How long will it be before David Matlock contemplates his next surgery on his wife, despite her brief protestations. If he doesn’t decide to intentionally sabotage her by wooing her onto the operating table for one more (I promise!) vagina tweaking, only to fill in a wad of fat below her chin, or twist a few folds of lard above her hips, then how long before he wants to fill her lips a little more, fluff her nipples another percentage point, and perk her breasts just a tad?

When is the human being ever satisfied with life on earth?

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  1. Kelsey
    Kelsey September 15, 10:39

    This is exactly the kind of story feminists and “self-esteem” advocates hate, but want to see happen. Ah well, it’s not fairly representative of plastic surgery anyways.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author September 15, 12:31

      This was a very over-the-top case, however, I wonder how humanity will progress as enhancement surgeries become cheaper, more routine, and safer. Eventually humans might opt for hybrid flesh and synthetic bodies. In fact, a Russian billionaire is working to find a way to transfer his consciousness into a robotic body, so he doesn’t have to perish with his human body (

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  2. Snarky LA girl smirking over her steering wheel
    Snarky LA girl smirking over her steering wheel December 09, 11:56

    Of course where surgical modification is too extreme, there are promising options of body enhancement products. According to one self proclaimed sex expert and “natural health” manufacturer, “inside every small penis a large one is trying to come out.”

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