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Mercedes: We Take Great Care That Our Cars Don’t Blow Up

Mercedes: We Take Great Care That Our Cars Don’t Blow Up
July 09
17:00 2013

Los Angeles

I took a nap today, not because I’m lazy, but I like to feel replenished anytime I’m not feeling fully charged. As I was falling asleep, I remembered that I hadn’t heard much recently about the mysterious death of journalist Michael Hastings. I’d written an article on the matter called There be no conspiracy here, but now it’s time for an update.

Hasting’s new Mercedes automobile was found slammed up against a palm tree in Hancock Park, on Highland Avenue, at 4.25am, in mid-June. An intense fire had engulfed the vehicle, and a Jewish man in his undershirt and black pants was spraying his garden hose into the bright ball of fire until the LAFD showed up.The following news cast from San Diego 6 boldly asks the serious questions about Hastings’ crash, along with pointing out the inconsistencies upheld by the mainstream media in denying any foul play surrounding this incident:

The most chilling detail, and one that I didn’t not know about, is how the drivetrain and engine of the Mercedes vehicle ended up behind the car, rather than out in front. As is depicted in the above video, Hastings’ was allegedly zooming south, yet the heavy guts beneath his vehicle’s hood ended up north of the crash.

The official story, so far, is that the engine was forced out of the car by impact with the tree, meaning it would have been flung south, or in a southerly direction as well. But these are just small details.

Others have said Hastings used to have a problem with drugs and alcohol, and drunk driving could have been a factor in his fatal accident. But I don’t know how any drunk driver could blow his engine 60 yards behind him after ramming into a palm tree.

The San Diego 6 reporter astutely points out that it is possible for a newer vehicle to be remotely controlled. The University of San Diego reported in 2010 that they hacked into a Nissan car’s system by using an iPad. They controlled the acceleration, brakes, and other crucial components of the vehicle, like the locks on the doors.

Mercedes says they take “great care” in not designing and producing cars that blow up while being driven down the street. Their vehicles simply don’t explode and lose their engines and drivetrains in nearby yards before the driver helplessly smashes into a tree.

Well, if there was no foul play as the LAPD almost immediately announced only hours after the incident, Mercedes might want to offer their own counterargument about what could have caused Hastings’ 2013 model to both blow up and go up in flames, and, as a matter of fact, according to military personnel, flames that were far hotter than an average car fire.

If there was no foul play, then the prestigious auto engineers at Mercedes look rather silly. They’ve been jammed into a tough situation. Either go along with the story that Hastings was driving too fast and crashed into a tree, which doesn’t address the facts of the case, especially the lack of skid marks on the street, or admit there are other elements, possibly criminal, in this matter, and then be called conspiracy theorists.

Either way, for Mercedes-Benz, this situation sucks. At least that’s how I would have said it years ago as a kid.

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  1. lolapower
    lolapower July 11, 15:12

    I once had a horrible crash in a Mercedes and it was so well-built that I didn’t suffer any broken bones. It’s one of the bedt built cars out there, in my opinion. 1lolamarina

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous August 09, 13:20

    The best, and safest automobile on the road..I have owned three. 500SEL, 300TE, and a 560SL… Why?? you ask… My dad was diabetic, he totaled 3 240Ds due to his illness(dibetic comas) and walked away from all three.. There is a safety standard regarding Benz
    that exceeds all measures… Please keep digging…. Amen

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