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A Day Without Pay: If Murray Miners Had Known the Truth, They Would Have Stomped Romney Into the Stage

September 01
19:00 2012
Los Angeles

Mitt/Barack caricatures by DonkeyHotey — photo manipulated by me.

In Beallsville, Ohio, Mitt Romney was welcomed for a campaign event at Century Mine. Romney spoke to hundreds of miners and their families about putting work back into welfare. The bulky, manly miners stood behind him and clapped when he spoke of hard work and American values. The spectacle was like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton lecturing workers at Walmart about the benefits of hard work.

Except many of the miners were not as happy about being there as they tried to appear. According to many of them, they were pressured to attend the Romney campaign event by their owner and CFO, Rob Moore, of Murray Energy Company. Moore has denied the claims that any worker was forced to attend the meeting, yet he said attendance was “mandatory” but nobody was forced.

The question everybody is asking: Would you give up a day of pay to listen to Mitt Romney speak? What if your employer said you had to, except you didn’t really have to see Romney, but attendance was, after all, mandatory. What would you do? There aren’t an abundance of other available jobs out there. I’d be scared not to attend, too.

Some of these fools think they’re god. Romney, the owner of Murray, and Barack Obama too, when he mercilessly snarls Los Angeles traffic for hours, for every working joe or jane in the city, so he go raise funds in Beverly Hills. $45,000 a plate. I can barely afford to get an eight dollar breakfast on the weekend. These assholes.

What about for Jesus?

I wouldn’t even give up a day of pay to go see Jesus speak, if he comes back before the world as we know it blows to hell. Wait, yes I would see him. I’d watch that degenerate Todd Akin slouch his way to the front of the crowd and get on one creaky knee at the feet of Jesus. “I was only trying to speak for you when I said there should be no abortions. No exceptions. Even in rape. Because women’s reproductive systems shut down during rape. I said it for you, Lord.”

What would Jesus say? “You want to protect and serve unborn humans more than you wish to serve your brother or sister? Then lick the dust from between my toes. You want to playact importance over people who are living, by ruling over what they do with the zygotes in their bodies? Then scrape the gunk from beneath my toenails with your teeth.”

In a burst of anger, like a flash of fire in a pan greased with cooking oil, Jesus would say, “Get up off this stage, man. Step up off people!”

Back to Beallsville, Ohio, where Jesus hadn’t been speaking, but instead spoke a man who could only understand Jesus and grace and mercy through a series of financial transactions. Mitt Romney. If those miners knew Romney and his ilk, and his GOP backing is part of the reason regulations are reduced, and mine companies such as Murray Energy have catastrophic collapses and unsafe working conditions, I can only imagine the worst for Mitt Romney, standing so uncomfortably in front of a team of mine workers.

Crandall Canyon Mine had dozens of violations and mines that were prone to accidents or disasters. Murray Energy did not worry about that until six miners were trapped and died. Murray mines ignored government citations for lack of safety, but imagine lifting those regulations under a Romney/Ryan ticket? Murray Energy Company couldn’t even be held accountable. Do miners and their families know this? Sometimes regulation is needed. Government oversight necessary.

It’s amazing the hundreds of miners didn’t revolt in a violent flurry of beefy fists. They would have knocked down Romney, had they known how many American jobs he’s sent overseas, how many workplace safety regulations his party and his VP running mate wish to deregulate. They would have beaten that slick salesman with his greased hair. Reduced him to a pulp. Probably broken his legs for extra cruelty. And stomped him into the stage with their heavy work boots.

But they didn’t. They clapped like seals being fed chum. They tried to look pleasant. We’re all caught in the fear of losing our paid jobs. That’s the way people like Mitt Romney like it. Total control. Domination. The capitalist, by introducing more desperate workers into the marketplace, relieves employers of paying higher, living wages, and creates an obedient (slave-like) workforce that is scared stiff to even ask for a raise, or a safer work environment.


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