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Meet the Vulture Fund Billionaire Who Would Suck the Last Breath from A Dying Dog

Meet the Vulture Fund Billionaire Who Would Suck the Last Breath from A Dying Dog
October 06
16:34 2013

Mother Jones ran a mildly-toned piece in their magazine this month about a “vulture fund billionaire” named Paul Singer. Singer’s generous financial contributions are largely responsible for ousting mainstream Republicans from Congress to replace them with fringe-right, Koch Brothers’ approved Tea Party candidates. He is also, therefore, partially responsible for the great government shutdown of 2013.

Mother Jones, naturally on the left side of politics, calls Singer the “Wall Street Fightin’ Man”, but really, if they said how they really feel, they’d say Paul Singer is a man who would suck the last breath out of a dying dog and feel no remorse for it. In fact, he wouldn’t even be disgusted having wrapped his pink lips around the matted hair of the dog’s snout to steal that last stale whiff.

Why is Paul Singer, and every other vulture fund billionaire, an absolutely pitiful excuse of a human being?

Despite the fact that people like Singer make up .01 percent of the American population, they contribute financially to their favorite political candidates 28 percent of all campaign donations. So you can begin to imagine why our society does not thrive for 90 percent of average Americans.

Singer’s firm is called Elliott Management, and it is worth $21 billion. Maybe at $22 billion he’ll decide he’s got enough, and it ain’t worth extracting more wealth from struggling nations, and inflicting more pain on people’s around the world, but I doubt it. If being a billionaire isn’t satisfying enough and you’ve got to continue breaking kneecaps for every last penny someone owes you, then you’ve got a serious mental and spiritual malfunction.

Singer is one of the reasons why the tepid Dodd-Frank regulations, passed in 2010, are not being thoroughly implemented, and are always under threat of being repealed. Singer is also the reason Argentina has trouble recovering, as the financial vultures are swirling overhead demanding their money (in this case it’s $300 million for Singer).

Also according to Mother Jones, Singer’s firm was awarded in the 90s $58 million in repayment from Peru, on debt that had been bought up for $11 million. And $90 million from Congolese debt that had been bought for $20 million.

These are not just digital numbers being traded back and forth. This vulture fund billionaire saps the economic strength of countries already on their knees. The citizens of these far-off places suffer beyond the seemingly all-seeing eye of the media. Their hardship is hardly ever known, but it is their country’s natural resources, as well as the hard labor and gross domestic product that gets lifted from them, and into the coffers of a billionaire’s investment firm.

And then some of that money gets shoved back into the political machine to loosen, relax, and ultimately dismantle regulations on Wall Street, investment firms, and mega global banks that caused the American economic meltdown, which has caused a new class of people with no chance of finding work, and has turned them into non-peoples, as far as society is concerned (no money, no status).

It’s like lifting seventy-five cents from a homeless man who’s trying to rack up a few bucks to buy a couple chicken legs for dinner. After all, some portion of your tax dollars must have gone to government programs aimed at relieving poverty. Finally, you’ve come to collect, with interest, whether you need it or not.

Or, really, it’s much more grotesque than that. It’s like walking up to a dying dog stretched out on the side of the street, and sucking the last breath from its lungs. The dog, none-the-wiser, imagines it has found a human friend to comfort it in its final moments. A little companionship, after all, to help escort it to the next realm. Why else would a bald man wearing an expensive business suit place his lips right next to your snout?

Instead, it’s someone like Paul Singer, and help or assistance is the last thing on his mind. Rather, he sees opportunity to grab something, anything, from a creature just a little weaker than him. The stale breath of a dying dog does him no good, in fact it’s repulsive, however, it’s there for the taking. It’s available. It’s barely being held onto.

And in the personal philosophies on life, in the minds of men like Paul Singer, there is no other option than acquiring that last puff of breath, even though there’s already more air on earth than he could ever breathe in a lifetime. Never mind that it’s gross, impractical, and harmful for humanity.

[all factual information from Mother Jones; the imagery of the dog is speculative and based on any number of financial exploits carried out by Mr Singer and his firm, Elliott Management]

[photo header by Sergey Rodovnichenko]

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