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Miracle In Syria: the Angel Caught On Video

Miracle In Syria: the Angel Caught On Video
July 10
02:11 2012

Amman, Jordan

This happened in the winter during some of the darkest times of the Syrian Revolution. It was put up on YouTube and many say it was an angel who carried this man. I am posting more than one video so you can get a feel for the scene. It is pretty intense.The point of the videos is to see how the man carries the body. He is totally upright and carrying a full grown man like I would carry a bag of groceries. You will notice the people getting out of their places of cover yelling ‘Allahu Akbar” (which means “God is great”, which in turn signifies, whatever is great, God is greater than that, infinitely) when the frightened bystanders recognize it as an angel. However, a saint could do that kind of a thing as well. Super strength and fearlessness and total calm is not a problem. The person picks up the body and brings it to his family members.

Angels can take physical form. When Gabriel appeared to the Prophet with some of his companions, in the middle of the desert, he came wearing totally white, unblemished clothing. It’s not really possible to appear in the middle of the desert and have clean, white clothes. Everyone who comments on this video of the Syrian saint / angel is impressed by this person coming out looking so immaculate.

Syria has historically been a land with saints. So many saints it is beyond count. So a lot of people in Syria recognize spiritual things when they see it.

Miracles and saints and spiritual experiences abound in Syria in way that is unbeknownst to the West. Ultimately a person can only see that which they expect. If a person does not expect to see something they won’t. We have all had the phenomenon of walking past someone we know without recognizing them, only to notice them when the person waves or says our name. And so it is with miracles.

Miracles can happen right in front of some people and they don’t know it, while others do know it. Sometimes it is impossible for others to know it while some readily see it. One example is the Prophet and Abu Bakr Sadiq in a cave. They were being pursued by their enemies. The enemies followed their tracks to the cave but did not see the Prophet or Abu Bakr Sidiq. They had eyesight but did not see. Also, there are many other saints. Once a Moroccan Sufi or maybe an Algerian (famous though I forget the name) was fleeing from the French on a horse after a battle. A whole detachment of French soldiers were pursuing him. At one point he realized he would be overtaken. He made a prayer to God, asking to be hidden. He sat on his horse, while his horse was motionless, and the whole French army passed him still in hot pursuit. One person noticed the miracle. A whole group did not.

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