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Arrested & Sent To the Nut Ward: It’s Time To Shit Your Pants, America

August 24
11:00 2012
Los Angeles

When President Obama signed into action the renewed version of the NDAA bill that allowed the indefinite detention of American citizens, based on the suspicion they might be linked or somehow associated with a terrorist group, I wrote the story of a man who was so frightened he sent Barack Obama a very specific complaint.

The article was called, Man shits pants and sends underwear to Obama. Published in December of last year, it remains Dear Dirty America’s top read article. The anxiety and fear of the man featured in that article resonated with thousands of Americans. They too felt scared shitless over having a president who signed into  law a bill that makes Americans ‘fair game’ to be arrested and detained by the military without any due process.

It seems we’ve witnessed one of the first cases of the NDAA bill. It’s terrifying and the story should make your skin crawl. The hair on your body should stand up. We’re not living in a movie. This isn’t a joke. There are Thought Police out there now, and they will hammer on your door if they don’t like your comments on social media sites.

Our First Amendment rights are not rights any more. They are privileges, but only if you dare to use them. Most of us, in order to keep our jobs, keep our friends, and keep the approval from our society, don’t speak as freely as we would wish. Consider this story, posted and mulled over by Legitimate News Sources:

Raub, the 26-year-old former Marine, pro-liberty activist and Virginia resident, was seized by FBI, Secret Service and local authorities over Facebook posts allegedly “terrorist in nature”.
According to court documents, a swift evaluation by social worker Michael Campbell determined Raub’s involuntary admission. The following day, a magistrate Michael S. Znotens ordered his detention at John Randolph Hospital. Raub was evaluated for an additional 15 minutes by Dr. James A. Correll and later ordered by Special Justice Walter Douglass Stoke to remain for 30 days at VA Hospital in Salem, VA.

Imagine a free nation scooping up one of its veterans in the early morning hours because of subversive Facebook posts. Imagine being condemned to the nut ward because of those posts. Imagine the terror of being ordered again to be hospitalized in the nut house for 30 days. Are we going to allow our federal authorities to begin plucking people out of their homes, to be chained up in a psych ward in order to be re-educated?

Raub has no history of violence or psychological issues. He’s never seen a psychiatrist. He owns two businesses. He’s as honorable and clean an American as they come. What were Raub’s Facebook posts that had the Thought Police at his door and waiting to nab him?

Many of Raub’s posts were controversial, including forecasting a popular revolution against the federal government, anti-establishment statements and pro-conspiracy remarks. (source)

Other more violent posts were song lyrics from a band called Swollen Members. Raub had been posting snippets of the band’s lyrics in a game he’d been playing with family members on Facebook.

John Whitehead, of Rutherford Institute, which is an institution in Virginia that’s focused on civil rights, quite possibly saved Raub’s life:

“There’s a system here that is corrupt. And this guy is caught in it,” Whitehead told Business Insider. “I’m friends with the local police; I could call them right now and probably get you committed if you were in Virginia. They can arrive at your door based on somebody’s testimony or your Facebook page and take you away to a mental hospital.”

Whitehead, when he read the pleas of Raub’s family members detailing what had happened, began filing multiple motions for Raub’s release. A judge eventually ordered the young man released and deemed the arrest and detention illegal.

I don’t care if you believe in conspiracies about 9/11, or have alternate opinions about what the military is really being used for in Afghanistan. I don’t care if you’re a soldier, just back from Iraq, claiming the whole invasion was a fraud. Americans must stand up for their neighbors’ rights, and categorically denounce the abuses of our citizens by the hands of our federal government.

They’ve managed to work this nation into such a frothing frenzy that we’re willing to slit each others’ throats in fear of terrorism or terrorists around every corner.

If I, or you end up in the insane asylum because we have countering belief systems to what others around us deem sane, who will come to our rescue? John Whitehead can’t save everybody. He was lucky to finally find a judge to throw out the case and damn the illegal actions of the FBI and Secret Service in this case. Raub’s blessed that his case was seen by Whitehead.

Whitehead claims there are around 20,000 cases of people in Virginia committed under circumstances similar to the one that has terrorized Brandon Raub.

If not before, it is time now to shit your pants, dear dirty America. You are being watched. You are being monitored. If you’re not posting pictures of playful kittens on Facebook, then you’d better ask yourself, What kind of content am I posting? What would a terrorist post to his account? Are there any similarities here?


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  1. karincamp
    karincamp September 01, 09:37

    Imagine the pain that a nut job will inflict on innocent americans because he is crazy. You know, we all like to think that our military is all completely sane, but when they are not, it is nice to know there are multitudinous institutions that will help them through a temporary mental breakdown. Have you ever been close to a mental breakdown? I bet many of you have. Thank God that the mental health organization is in place to treat and help those who have been exposed to atrocities that we cannot imagine. It’s basic people!

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