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When Will Mitt Romney Kill Himself: How much hypocrisy can one man take?

May 20
13:00 2012

Mitt Romney will be looking over his shoulder as he denounces the restoration of a New Hampshire bridge that used taxpayer funds. Most of his Republican colleagues approved of the spending. Despite the project providing desperately needed jobs, and restoring a historic landmark, he’s going to mock the rebuilding of the Sawyer Bridge as unnecessary, wasteful government spending.

Here’s one official paragraph:

Romney will use the location to emphasize what he sees as the misuse of taxpayer funds in the face of the growing national debt. He’ll have to be careful which local politicians he invites to stand behind him at the campaign event, because a number of prominent state officials who have endorsed Romney might not agree with the former Massachusetts’ governor’s characterization of the bridge.

When is that bastard going to kill himself? How can he keep living like this? He’s been for and against everything so many times he doesn’t know who or what he can safely stand in relation to. I feel bad for the poor rich bastard. He’s got to be miserable, leading his soul-crushing life. And Obama’s no different. He made more promises in 2008 than any other candidate (by taking the extreme opposite position of the Bush admin on a whole host of wide spread issues) and took the first black president thing so far only to relive a George W Bush presidency (only worse) all over again.

Why do these jokers allow themselves to continue to live? Don’t they wake up early in the morning so goddamned embarrassed they can’t even swallow? How could any man or woman stomach so much personal hypocrisy, and still peddle it on a national and global scale?

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