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Tsarnaevs Allegedly Motivated By US Invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan

April 25
20:00 2013
Information from the Huffington Post:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, “the 19-year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, has told interrogators that the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan motivated him and his brother to carry out the attack,” the Post writes, citing “U.S. officials familiar with the interviews.”

The report comes one day after U.S. officials told the Associated Press that it was the religious beliefs of Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan that fueled their alleged plot.

But if the officials who spoke to the Post are correct, the Boston bombing suspects would be the latest accused terrorists who have listed American interventions as their motive.

This Boston bombing will end up as a great advertisement for the White House, Pentagon, our nation’s military juggernaut, and the independent mercenary thug forces like Academi and Craft, to throw suspicion on the growing anti- Afghanistan war, anti-intervention, anti-drone, and anti- militarizing of police and Department of Homeland Security crowd.

The terrorism business is big business, and it’s worth a lot to keep it rolling at high speed.

The Brothers Tsarnaevs are a good advertisement to depict those of us who vehemently oppose invading other nations and terrorizing their peoples as anti-American, and even dangerous. I hope the conversation out of this Boston bombing attack doesn’t become that polarized, and doesn’t escalate more fervor for more invasions overseas, and more killing, and more Draconian surveillance measures here at home.

Either you’re in favor of policing and brutalizing half a dozen sovereign nations, or you’re not American.


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