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After 9/11 America Should Have Built A Spaceship

September 10
21:43 2011
After 9/11, 2001 America should have panicked for three days, and on the fourth day rested. On the fifth day America should have soberly announced that they’d been gruesomely attacked out of nowhere by an enemy undefined and not fully understood.


On the sixth day, America should have declared its plan to combat the new and very real threat of terrorism: “We’re going to build the biggest, most advanced spaceship known to man, and we’re going to race that motherfucker to Mars. Explore the stars. We’re off to Venus. To Jupiter.”

If the world scoffed, that’s when George W Bush could have said America will not be criticized. Then we could have proven our brilliance and our worth. And Bush Jr could have been defiant as ever. We could have told the world:

“We’re going to do our best to thrust humanity into the Golden Age, and, like delivering a baby from its mother’s womb, we’re going to bring humanity into the most innovative and caring and empathetic world it has ever known. 9/11 was a wakeup call, and we’re heeding it. No more hate, no more violence. We’re going to deliver humanity from evil.

“We’re going to make sure every United States citizen is taken care of. We will spend billions of dollars on improving the lives of the least among us. That alone will lift the country’s economic tide, and with that tide all boats will be afloat. Not from the top down, but from the bottom up.

“We will spend billions on aiding and assisting the millions of impoverished citizens of poor and crumbling and corrupt nations. We expect nothing in return, except that you live full and virtuous lives.

“If you’re with us you’re with Good, and if you’re against us, you’re with the old, sinful race of humans that delights in destroying already-destitute nations. We’re going to extend ourselves into the galaxy, and we’re going to raise up everyone on earth.

“It’s a new world order, and it’s the most humane and generous action any country has ever bestowed on humanity.”

And just watch any rogue group of misfits try to strike at the United States of America. Every nation on earth would say, What good are you doing disturbing a virtuous nation? Ever since Sept 11, 2001, they have been nothing but beneficent to the world’s populations. You attack the U.S., you attack the world.

The “terrorists”, whoever they are or would be, would be instantly pounced upon by the world, because that would be in the world’s best interest. The preservation of America’s wealth and generosity.

Micha Niskin

Instead, this 9/11 holiday brings us the cold opposite reality of a country bombing six or seven nations, completely bankrupt, suffering from a real unemployment rate of around 15 percent, and a world that has grown weary of America’s brutality and policing.

The major news outlets can’t stop talking about celebrating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, as if it were no different than Thanksgiving. Tell us your stories. Tell us how 9/11 changed you. Tell us what 9/11 means to you and your family. What will you be doing this 9/11 holiday?

Instead, we as a nation should be asking what the consequences are and will be for inflicting a multitude of “9/11’s” upon the world. Over 200,000 Iraqis killed since the U.S. invasion. Thousands of innocent Afghanis killed since the U.S. invasion. At least a thousand innocent Pakistanis (including hundreds of children) killed from U.S. predator drone strikes. Civilians killed in Yemen from drone attacks. Civilians blown up in Libya from U.S. Air Force missions.

No longer enough money at home. Can’t support education. Can’t support the elderly, the sick, the children. Can’t afford funding NASA. Not enough money or political will to create a single-payer health insurance option to make healthcare affordable for all Americans. Can’t pay for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. Can’t. Can’t. Won’t.

But we’ve spent a trillion on Iraq & Afghanistan. We’ve spent almost a trillion on Homeland Security projects — many which have failed or been abandoned. We’ve spent billions to better spy on our citizens, to erode the precious First and Fourth Amendments. We’ve accomplished all of that. But to what end? To constantly inspire those who now hate the United States of America? We can’t kill and keep killing and then label as Terrorists those who are outraged and affected by that killing.

That is insane. Even for America’s offbeat schizophrenic standards. People around the world have every right to hate this country, and it’s a goddamned shame, because we could have been so wonderful. We had the resources and integrity and innovation to be the light of the world. We could have actually been the Great America we imagine we might be in our heads. We don’t have the capacity to be great any more. We are entrenched in global warfare. We prompted the War long before 9/11, and now we can’t figure out a way to end it. We are the darkness we once wished to defeat.

We are degenerative, ugly beasts suffering from the most ridiculous kind of paranoia. The kind that we ourselves made up, identified, and then exacerbated.

I write this not because I hate America, but because I sincerely fear we’ve dug our own pit of gloom and at the rate we continue to dig, we, as a nation, will never, ever get out again. We’ve had our final day of prosperity. Soon, the world will throw the dirt we’ve dug atop us and bury us alive. It will be our doom.

The worst part about it is that the world will not miss us. Not at all.

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