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Muammar Gaddafi Is One Less Tyrant in the World, but At What Cost?

August 24
17:26 2011
A member at Democratic Underground writes:

I expect all the Republicans (and some Democrats) that bitched and moaned about Obama’s policy toward Libya to come forth and apologize and admit they were wrong.Obama handled it perfectly. Use our air power to protect the rebels… avoid using *ANY* US ground troops… hand things over to NATO… and allow the rebels the breathing room to move in and take over.

Yet another Obama plan executed to perfection.

One less tyrant in the world. One more group of people now setting their own destiny.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for all the “pundits” to recalibrate their comments concerning Obama and Libya.

This kind of good guy vs bad guy mentality is misguided and ugly. Obama handled the Libya situation perfectly by shredding the War Powers Act. Not one American troop was killed while NATO blew apart Libyan cities and neighborhoods to protect and assist al-Qaeda based rebels.

Tripoli is an absolute mess, America has more blood on its hands and is now responsible for making sure a “responsible” regime is placed into power. But how will we do that when the Libyan rebels are anti-American, anti-West?

To chalk up the gross over-stepping of the Obama administration into Libya’s affairs and stay there even after the War Powers Act forbid the U.S. from continuing its war over Libyan soil as a mission to make “one less tyrant in the world” is delinquent.

Why don’t we start looking into stopping tyrants here at home, like Goldman Sachs, the major banks and credit card companies, Bush Jr., and Obama. These are the entities that are truly unstoppable with their pro-surveillance state stances and constant war war war and predator drone attacks and Wall Street bailouts.

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