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Huckabee Encourages Pawlenty: Dogs Chased Me At Every Campaign Stop, but I Didn’t Give Up

August 14
02:47 2011
Tim Pawlenty spent millions to win voters in the Iowa Ames straw poll, but ended up coming in a ‘disappointing’ third — which wouldn’t be that disappointing if Pawlenty truly knew his place in politics. He’s a nobody, a carbon copy of anti-gay stick figures like Rick Santorum, and it won’t matter how many millions he spends, a third place at Ames is far better than what Pawlenty is actually, politically worth.Michele Bachmann came in at number one, and Ron Paul at a very, very close second.


Mike Huckabee had some soothing words for Pawlenty after the big Ames ‘letdown’. Huckabee, who is not in the race, but knows a lot about storming Iowa in 2007, encouraged the former Minnesota governor. “A lot of things can happen. A person can go out and say one thing that gets blown up. So part of it is just staying on your feet. It’s going the distance,” the Huckster said.

He continued, “Take a look at me. Throughout the 2007 campaign, I was constantly chased by wild dogs at every stop along the way. I didn’t know it then,” Huckabee said, smiling, “but now I know they could sense my political deformity. You just got to hang in there kid.”

From the famous interview about being chased by wild dogs:

“I’ve been repeatedly chased by dogs everywhere I go,” Huckabee said. The tone of the interview became somber. “I don’t understand why dogs bark at me as I halt by them. Am I so lame and unfashionable that even the dogs wish to attack me?” The interviewer looked puzzled but let the Huck continue. “I usually end up running, with the dogs behind me, nipping at my heels.”

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