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Michele Bachmann & Occupy Wall Street Want Other People to Pay for Their Stuff

In the following video, Michele Bachmann claims that the essence of Occupy Wall Street it to have other people pay for their stuff. As astute an observation as that is

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Disappearing Ron Paul ctd

Steve Kornacki argues the lack of Ron Paul coverage after he nearly tied for first place with Bachmann (the Queen of Rage) in the Ames straw poll doesn’t mean he

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Huckabee Encourages Pawlenty: Dogs Chased Me At Every Campaign Stop, but I Didn’t Give Up

Tim Pawlenty spent millions to win voters in the Iowa Ames straw poll, but ended up coming in a ‘disappointing’ third — which wouldn’t be that disappointing if Pawlenty truly

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Queen of Rage Sets Ames Straw Poll Ablaze ctd: the Renaissance

Michael Segers commented: Now, she’s getting ready to save us from the Renaissance –, reality is even stranger than this blog. If you’re interested in Buddhism, chasing unicorns, recipes

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Iowa Ames Straw Poll: Bachmann Gets Randy Travis to Perform

Howard Fineman reports on the Iowa Ames straw poll: Michele Bachmann is pulling out all the stops: Randy Travis is

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