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Alex Wagner is my favorite political reporter

August 08
17:45 2011
Alex Wagner is so sweet and charismatic that she’s become my favorite political news reporter. She’s beautiful and speaks with an unnerving elegance, and she’s also a really good person. Or so it seems. She was the Executive Director of Not On Our Watch, which is an organization focused on stopping mass atrocities and human rights violations.

That’s pretty good. The best I can do is give a dollar to every other homeless person in downtown Los Angeles. They’re always happy to get that dollar. I used to only give quarters.

Alex also shares a surname with a famous (notorious) composer who wrote three hour long operas. You may have heard of him. Dick Wagner.

Ms Wagner is an MSNBC contributor, and has also appeared on CNN, the BBC, MTV, and VH-1. Sometimes I catch Chuck Klosterman talking on VH-1 about Guns ‘N Roses, and he’s usually wildly waving his arms as he hurries to weave into one point three separate talking threads.

Alex has also been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

My ‘love’ for Wagner stems from catching her on one of the shows from one of the networks listed above. She’s a joy to listen to and watch on TV. Her smile is disarming, and her gaze is as soft as OSHO‘s gaze was. She is a girl I’d take on a proper date.

Read Wagner’s work at Politics Daily

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