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A Preemptive Nuclear Strike on U.S. & British Military Targets

August 03
20:37 2011
Dan Stober and Ian Hoffman

Joel Skousen writes:

It is my concerted opinion that the Russians do not want to begin the next war with a conventional flow of armament and troop build-ups.  All these movements would be easily detected.   I believe they are planning a preemptive nuclear strike on US and British military targets sometime in the middle of this new decade–precisely because such a strike would not be detectable until too late.  I don’t think it is imminent even with the saber rattling over Kosovo.  To be dragged into a conventional military confrontation would undo all Russia’s plans at feigning weakness.  All of the key indicators I see point to the Russians holding back until they are fully  ready.  You must understand that the Russians are inherently suspicious of US disarmament. They think the US must be cheating just like they are.  Criminal minds think alike.   But I don’t think their new weapon systems will be ready until 2004 at the earliest.  Here are the key pieces of the puzzle to keep in mind–and they all point conclusively to a future war.  

Skousen was on Coast to Coast AM last night reporting much the same story. Here’s the summary:

Skousen believes the Russians will eventually (10 years or more from now) attack the United States with a nuclear first strike, and the Chinese will back them. This war will allow US leaders to declare all debts gone, he predicted. But, “once the government starts to warn us that Russia and China is a threat, it will be too late. Mark my words,” he declared. The first strike would involve 3,000 warheads, hitting the major American military bases, yet the effects of nuclear winter wouldn’t be as bad as thought, with 80% of the population surviving– especially if they have some fallout protection, he noted.  

You can buy his book, Strategic Location to help you survive World War III.


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