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Did Obama Shamelessly Capitalize On Trayvon Martin’s Death?

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Credit: adrigu President Obama said, in that special way he has, that if he had a son (and he doesn’t), that son would look like Trayvon

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Of Course Re-Nig 2012 Is Racist: Hate Obama for Real Reasons, Not Because He’s Black

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Paula Smith, the creator of the bumper sticker gone viral, will tell you a ‘nigger’ is a “low down, sorry, low down person”, but it

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Obama’s Offensive Against Journalists & Freedom of Speech

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye was convicted of terrorism-related charges in January 2011, and jailed. For two years Shaye had been abruptly taken from his home,

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Obama Kills U.S. Citizen Without Indictment

Glenn Greenwald writes: After several unsuccessful efforts to assassinate its own citizen, the U.S. succeeded today (and it was the U.S.).  It almost certainly was able to find and kill Awlaki with the help of its long-time

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Awlaki Reported Dead

From the Guardian: The ministry said Yemeni forces killed Awlaki and some of his associates, though it did not say where and

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America Could Tackle Severe Unemployment, or Worry About Rare Toxins That Al-Qaeda Might Try to Use Someday

With the real unemployment rate hovering between 16 to 20 percent (that includes folks who have given up looking for

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