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Newt Gingrich Does Truffle Shuffle, Surges In Polls

Dear Dirty Newswire[UPDATE] FCC bans Gingrich Truffle Shuffle video. Committee president says calls it “nightmarish and offensive.” IOWA — Newt Gingrich has been having an uphill battle gaining support for his

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Rick Perry’s Drunken Speech: Like a Reincarnated, Nervous Nixon

The political pundits and commentators keep saying this speech is bizarre, but I couldn’t believe it was as bad as they were saying until I watched it. If you have

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Urging New Hampshire: Rick Perry’s Wise Words

Rick Perry’s words of wisdom, from a recent Huffington Post report: Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, campaigning in New Hampshire Friday, praised legislators in the state for working to repeal the

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Texas Wildfires ctd

A reader writes: And God said: ‘Throw Rick Perry into the sea, or burn forever, Texas!’ Hahahaha. I can only imagine that laughter was maniacal. That “hahaha” stuff. It’s not

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Rick Perry Is A Sack of Wind!

More or less. According to Michele Bachmann, the great sufferer of migraine headaches, presidential candidate Rick Perry “sucks a lot

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Dirty Political Confessions: "I Only Drink Busch Heavy"

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’ right. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Busch heavy. Rick Perry for president, 2012.

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