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Celebrating the New Pope: White Smoke Can Mean A Lot of Things

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles White smoke can mean a lot of things… (UPDATE: As more news reports come in, it turns out our new pope, Francis, is a spartan

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To The Retiring Pope

ERIC CHAET photo by Ramac Benedict, may your remaining days be relatively painless with relatively little discomfort— may your memories be mainly comforting, rather than tormenting— may those around you be

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Did Jesus Predict the Coming of the Prophet Muhammad?

AUSTIN WAYNE LUEBKE Amman, Jordan (I received a letter from Austin about the subject of Jesus having predicted the coming of the Prophet. Below is the report, and then Austin’s

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Pope Depressed After Loss of Favorite Dog & Mitre

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Pharaoh Hound “It is a double whammy,” the pope said, “to lose your favorite dog and your favorite gaudy hat.” New reports from the Vatican describe a

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Vatican House Dog Chews Up Pope’s Mitre & Dies

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREVatican officials said sometime during the week the Vatican’s favorite pet house dog got into the pope’s sacred

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