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It’s Too Bad

Credit: David Shankbone a predator drone couldn’t be called in to drop a few Hellfire missiles into the mass of cops clubbing and stuffing protesters at Zuccotti Park into the

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Al-Assad Hires NYPD Inspector Anthony Bologna to Go Nuts on Syrian Protesters

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Syria — NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna was hired by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to help quell protests in the unsettled town of Rastan. Bologna came to

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Occupy Los Angeles Swarms City Hall: the March

On my way to Pershing Square, downtown, I wondered if Occupy Los Angeles (live stream here) would turn out to be anything more than a little tambourine rattling and drum banging

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Joined by NYC Transit Union

From the Huffington Post: According to the progressive blog Daily Kos, members of The New York Transit Workers Unionvoted Wednesday evening to support protestors who as of Thursday, are in their thirteenth

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Occupy Wall Street: Why the police brutality?

One reader writes: I have a hard time understanding why police so readily and eagerly (and probably with enjoyment) crack

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Occupy Wall Street: A Few Words from Richard Nixon

“What? Those kids took Wall Street? Well, what does Nixon do? Hmm. Nixon is beside himself. He is being made

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Bologna’s Mace Stinging Eyes Across the World

Anthony Bologna — the NYPD Captain who mace-blasted a few female protesters trapped behind a fence — has become famous

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Anonymous Lashes Out at Anthony Bologna

Anonymous writes: As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barberically pepper spray wildly into the group

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Occupy Wall Street: the NYPD Mace Freak

Remember that Occupy Wall Street video that shows an NYPD supervisor shooting mace into the eyes of peaceful, innocent female

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