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Dick Clark Died, & Fresno’s PD Has a Friendly Website

April 23
20:40 2012
Los Angeles

I know Dick Clark died, and everybody’s sulking around because his death leaves us in a mental place we can barely handle, but let me assure you, there are more important news items. All the things going on in the world, let’s let Dick Clark rest in peace. And Dick Johnson, Dick Sallies, and Dick Jerome Heroldson. They died last Wednesday, too.

I just learned Fresno, California is being terrorized by its police force. I’ve received good word that Fresno’s police chief, Jerry Dyer, is a Nazi. He’s gripped his town in police brutality tactics, and has the citizens by their hearts and testicles. David Buchenberger was arrested for DUI, except police pulled him from his bed in the middle of the night. There was word he’d been driving drunk. Police entered without a search warrant. I’d say that kind of unlawful police activity is almost worthy of a homeowner’s retaliation. If somebody breaks into your house in the middle of the night, you have every right to defend your home, your family, your property, with your freedom to own firearms.

Buchenberger is soft stuff compared to the latest horror story coming out of Fresno. Raul Rosas can’t even talk about his experience. He was beaten, pepper sprayed, thrown to the ground, tied up with a hose (hands to ankles behind his back), and eventually drowned by Fresno officers. The reports are chilling. Words can’t describe it. One officer kept beating Rosas, and finally the man asked for a drink of water as he lay tied up, and the officer brought over a house and kept the running water over the man’s nose and mouth until Raul couldn’t died.

Witnesses say they yelled at officers to let up on Rosas, but they didn’t listen. Rosas has five children. Makes it even more gut wrenching. If Rosas case were a “one and only”, then we could demand justice, get it, and move on (even though his children will never be able to, I’m sure). But this isn’t an only case. The nightmare occurrences with the Fresno Police Department are many, and you can read more of them here.

I went over to the Fresno PD website thinking I would find gory pictures of men hogtied and slowly being drowned to death, or police officers raiding houses in the middle of the night without search warrants, all on the suspicion of drunk driving, but instead I found a peaceful greeting which reads:

Welcome to the Fresno Police Department where you will find a team of dedicated public servants who care about the Fresno community and strive to serve with compassion, honesty and respect.

It’s a cute banner. It gives the website a warm tone. The main goal of the department, the website says, is to prevent crime and traffic collisions. There is also a fat button to click on if you wish to report a “non-emergency” crime. Does hogtying and drowning a man with a garden hose count? If you think so, you might wish to fill out a report.

Jerry Dyer is the Chief, and they are his troops who are tying citizens with hoses and letting police dogs maul the men spread eagle on the ground, ready to be arrested. They are Dyer’s men who later laughed about it, and commented on how bad the dog got the guy (the mauled man had his head and neck and thumbs and arms torn up).

Something is rotten in Fresno, and it seems Jerry Dyer is sitting in it. Unfortunately, whatever’s rotten doesn’t just smell bad, it’s deadly. But there are a lot of good people in that city. Take a look at Peace Fresno. They held a memorial service for the 17 Afghan people murdered by Sgt Robert Bales in March. That’s good stuff. Most people, like the cold, calculating bastard from the RAND Corp, could only call the massacre a major US setback, but very few Americans are voicing solidarity with the victims.

Cities like Fresno prove to us we are living in a police state. A nation where citizens fear the police, instead of trusting them. Drug problems, created by the Fed’s War on Drugs, produce thugs roaming the streets. Then thug police officers are needed to clean the dealers out. But now you’ve still got thugs in the streets strong-arming good citizens and terrorizing a town.

We live in a nation where police have the audacity to shoot a man 90 times on a Los Angeles freeway. Or an officer aiming his gun out his cruiser’s window and knocking down a young, unarmed student in Pasadena. The police should be watching over the people, not watching them. To protect and serve, and keep us from hurting each other, but that’s it. Torturing a man and drowning him with his own garden hose is hard to believe. It’s Saddam Hussein or Bashar al-Assad styled tactics.

The main point is, in all of this, that Dick Clark was an American hero because he was on TV, and that the Fresno PD has a friendly website. That’s what really matters when we boil it down.

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