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The Future: Our Choice

The Future: Our Choice
January 21
19:11 2021


Places of worship have been more or less closed for almost a year. Funeral attendees have been dropped to thirty maximum.

We have been stopped from doing anything normal, and our lives are definitely not our own anymore. Doing things that we took for granted, like cinema visits or attending sport events, have been halted in the name of a condition which has an at least 99.7% recovery rate.

I’m not a church going person, but I believe all people should, especially at this time, be allowed to worship at whatever alter they believe.

You could take that a step further, and say, religion doesn’t exist in its normal sense. It used to be the opium of the people, but now that has been completely replaced by something equally invisible, “the virus”. Brought to the people by the new priests.

These priests are false prophets who have used lies and propaganda to terrorise the majority of the people into believing in their own worldview.

The leaders of the world’s lost religions have not spoken out about the lies told by the new high priests. They have remained silent while their congregations have been removed and terrified by their own governments.

These ex-religious leaders should have been screaming from the rooftops for the return of civil liberties, instead of giving tacit approval to the politicians and globalists, to enslave their members.

Looking at the leadership of the the two largest Western religions, the Church of England and Catholicism, there is no feeling of true goodness.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope are only playing the roles of religious leaders. We hear that they are the faces of a modern Christian religion, but they are fakes, placed there by their globalist masters.

Real leaders of religion would be fighting for their flocks, but they are happy to just allow the sheep to be led to their fate by politicians who are morally bankrupt and in thrall to the multi-billionaire globalists.

Looking around at the moment, there are no leaders who can stand up to the temptation of quick and easy money. As soon as one emerges and criticises what has been done to our lives, he or she is either silenced or becomes a cheerleader for the government propaganda.

A couple of people who have wide online followings and successful YouTube channels, had the opportunity to be real heroes, but instead, they are protecting their lucrative income streams and refusing to take the steps to tell the truth.

Suddenly their once fiery broadcasts have been reduced to the level of tabloid headlines. They have capitulated to the globalist’s agenda.

I can understand why they have taken this course. They will have families to take care of and as they are probably still in their thirties, they will be looking out for their and their family’s future.

Unfortunately for them, this will not stop their lives from being reduced to that of the rest of us. They will be eating the same locusts and other insects as we will. Owning nothing and being “happy”.

Promises from above that they will be taken care of, will not be worth the paper they aren’t written on.

Whether going with or against the flow, will have the same ending.

The promises given from the beginning of the house arrest, have been not just broken, but smashed. Unfortunately the people who could have been putting pressure on the politicians for lying, have embraced every excuse for every lie.

Why? Because they have been told the government is “keeping them safe”. This is the biggest lie of all. The government does not care about the public safety or health. It does care about controlling them though.

Throughout the past year, our lives have been controlled by the government propaganda and fear mongering. Nothing they have done has been in the interests of the public. Not a single thing.

Remember that when someone looks at you with scorn because you aren’t masked and visored, it’s because they are the danger to your health. Not the other way round.

Treat them accordingly, but politely.

Now is a crucial moment for the people who want to have their lives back.

Businesses should open simultaneously across the country if they are to recover from this hell. Places of worship need to do the same thing.

If the public give their support to society returning to something they recognise, then we will see the businesses, which can be salvaged, flourish.

If the majority of the public decide that they are still too scared to be normal, then society as we knew it, will be gone forever.

It’s a stark choice, but it is worth making.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash]

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